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Carve Your Own Totem Pole
Format: Paperback
B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.3- Physical Science

This well-illustrated guidebook includes the history of totem-pole carving and its West Coast native traditions, techniques and patterns. It examines the historic and modern tools involved. And it also presents great ideas for carving a totem pole, whether with traditional designs or more personal motifs.

Eagle Transforming: The Art of Robert Davidson
Author: Ulli Steltzer
Format: Paperback
Ulli Steltzer, a distinguished photographer, takes the reader into the carving shed and studio to see Robert Davidson as he creates both monumental poles and intricately detailed powerful masks. More than 100 of her black-and-white photographs, reproduced in duotone, record both the evolution of Davidson and his art, from the early days up to the present, a span of 25 years. In the accompanying text and captions, Robert Davidson writes movingly about growing up Haida and his development as an artist, describes the creative and practical process of carving poles and masks, and discusses the place of art in Haida culture.

An introduction by Aldona Jonaitis assesses Robert Davidson's place in the world of art. Robert Davidson has produced an internationally acclaimed body of art, in particular a number of large totem poles and masks in collections in Canada and the United States, including the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, the National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Looking at Totem Poles
Author: Hilary Stewart
Format: Paperback
This work gives a historical, cultural, and artistic account of the ancient craft of totem poles that has grown to be a symbol of the Native Americans of the Northwest Coast.

Suggested Grades: 9-12

Native Rock Carvings of the Northwest Coast
Author: Beth Hill
Format: Paperback
In her book, Native Rock Carvings of the Northwest Coast, Beth Hill gives a fascinating introduction to the subject of Aboriginal Petroglyphs of the Northwest Coastal Region - BC, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Beth Hill and her husband Ray travelled the coast for close to 20 years, recording the known sites, and discovering others.

A must-have guide to Native petroglyphs.

... a concise and clearly written treatise on the topic. It explains the relationship between religion and art, cosmology and self-expression. Beth Hill's descriptions of rock carvings written in the context of their possible shamanistic meanings bring each engraved scene she describes to life.... For such a small book, it is one of the most complete treatments I have read. The black and white pictures are great, and she gives you the story behind each example. One seldom comes across a book that gives so much information in so small a format.
D.L. Cannonon

Additional Information
48 pages | 5.50" x 8.50" | B/W photos & colour line drawings
Authentic Canadian Content

Totem Poles
Author: Pat Kramer
Format: Paperback
This book guides readers to the many places in British Columbia, Washington and Alaska where totem poles can be found and helps viewers understand the "language" of the poles. Learn about their origin and history, the symbols and ceremonies linked to them, types of figures and how to identify them, and where to see authentic poles and pole collections. Pat Kramer spent many years researching the material in this book and worked closely with First Nations to create a fresh and revealing look at these incredible artifacts. Filled with fascinating facts, legends and photographs, Totem Poles is an excellent guide, reference and souvenir.

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