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Hide and Sneak
Vladyana Krykorka
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Inuit;

On the great tundra plains of Nunavut, there is a creature that just loves to play hide and seek. The only problem with this creature is, if it helps you hide, no one will ever find you again. Well, Allashua loves to play hide and seek…

Allashua ignores the inuksugaq as she plays hide-and-seek. Soon she encounters an Ijiraq--a tiny half-bird, half-human creature who loves to play. Allashua remembers her mother telling her that if an Ijiraaq hides you, no one will ever find you again. Eventually, Ijiraq disappears and Allashua gets lost on the tundra. With no idea of which way to go, she heads toward a small block dot on a far-off hill. When Allashua realizes the dot is the inuksugaq and that it can guide her safely home, she understands the riddle of its existence.

Inuit author Michael Kusugak (A Promise is a Promise, Baseball Bats for Christmas) again demonstrates that he is a masterful writer. A mythological figure and traditional Inuit practices, set the backdrop for this dramatic story. 

"Hide and Sneak is an excellent book, and a good introduction for young children to the Canadian Arctic and to the Inuit. A one-page story at the beginning of the book introduces the readers to the Ijiraq, and explains the purpose of the inuksugaq - information the reader should know but would slow the story. Kusugak's descriptions of the landscape and the wildlife are vivid and beautifully woven into the text. The story is suspenseful without being threatening; the language is simple, easy to read, and smooth." - CM Magazine

Additional Information
32 pages | 8.00" x 8.00"

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text

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