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Blackfoot Craftworker's Book
Format: Paperback
This collection of photos of traditional accessories, clothing, cradleboards, utensils, and more is a look at Blackfoot material culture at its finest. History of the styles, descriptions of techniques and materials, and information about daily and ritual use of many of the items are included.

Costumes of the Plains Indians
Author: Clarke Wissler
Format: Paperback
Drawing from the numerous samples found in the American Museum of Natural History, anthropologist Clark David Wissler examines styles of shirts and dresses worn by Blackfoot and other Native peoples of the plains.

Full-color images capture the many details of weaving and decoration on the costumes pictured. Historical reference material provides information about the making, use, and symbolism of these garments.

Crafts and Skills of the Native Americans: Tipis, Canoes, Jewelry, Moccasins, and More
Format: Paperback
Crafts and Skills of Native Americans is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made Native Americans famous worldwide as artisans and craftsmen. Readers can replicate traditional Native American living by trying a hand at brain tanning, identifying animal tracks, or constructing a horse saddle. Readers can even make distinctive Native American beaded jewelry, a variety of moccasins, headdresses, and gourd rattles. Native American style is unique and popular, especially among young people, historians, and those with a special interest in the American West

Cross Stitch Patterns Based on Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art: Book 1 Thunderbirds
Author: Jim Gilbert
Format: Paperback
The first of a series, this book contains the three full-size colour cross-stitch patterns from the West, Mid, and North Coast shown on the front cover. Patterns are full size and are approximately 37 cm x 27 cm (14" x 11") with each based on accurate, tradional designs. Also included is a First Nations area map, Aboriginal art within a cultural context, Aboriginal designs used in cross stitch explanation, illustrated cross stitch instructions.
Soft cover, 8 1/2" x 11", 36 pages.

Fingerweaving Untangled
Author: Carol James
Format: Paperback
This publication is a welcome addition to the literature on the ancient craft of fingerweaving. Carol James, an accomplished Winnipeg weaver and teacher, has dedicated over 20 years to the art. Her knowledge and sash reproductions are based on the detailed study of historical artifacts and are housed in various heritage institutions such as the Manitoba Museum and the Musee de Saint-Boniface.

First Nations: Art Projects and Activities
Author: Butch Dick
Format: Coil Bound
13 lessons in basic shapes and designs at the junior and secondary level, 17
projects at the elementary level.
1. Salmon model
2. Totem pole
3. Mask
4. Paddle
5. Village
6. Story
7. Symmetry
8. Complete design
9. Drum
10. Calendar
11. Christmas decorations
12. Blanket
13. Headband
14. Sun design paper fold
15. Bookmark
16. Canoe model
17. Potlatch

Guide to Indian Quillworking
Author: Christi Henslen
Format: Paperback
Quillwork, once practised by Great Lakes and Plains Indian tribes, has inspired Christy Ann Hensler to save this delicate art from extinction. Mrs. Hensler's detailed step-by-step instructions and how-to sketches describe the techniques of quillworking, from plucking and preparing the quills, to finishing the product. Based on the original methods used by the Indians, Mrs. Hensler has brought quillworking into the twentieth century with her contemporary quilled creations. Color photographs from the Denver Museum of Art collection depict the fragility and richness of many antique items. Beautiful examples of the author's own quillwork display the many modern applications of the art.

Native American Moccasins: A Craft Manual
Author: George M. White
Format: Paperback
First published in 1969, this expanded third edition is an excellent reference for both collectors and craftspeople. Detailed instructions for measuring, patternmaking, fitting, and construction guide the crafts worker in producing a wide variety of authentic Native American footwear that's tailored to each individual's foot. Readers are provided with a fascinating overview of the history of indigenous footwear in North America and an in-depth Introduction to rawhide, leather, and buckskin by G. D. Wood. Patterns for 28 moccasin types covering over 30 tribes - including the Assiniboine (Alberta/Manitoba), Kootenai (British Columbia), and Yellowknives (Northern Territories) of Canada - are featured along with new instructions for making Plains hard-sole, Northern Plains soft-sole, and Cherokee/Southeastern-style moccasins. Also included is a brief history of the tribes, additional resources, and website references. Forty-one full-color photographs accompany the patterns, along with 22 historic period photos of camp life, tanning hides, individual chiefs, and more.

Plains Indian Knife Sheaths: Materials, Design & Construction
Author: Alex Kozlov
Format: Paperback
For the true connoisseur or the amateur collector of Native American crafts, this book offers excellent coverage of Plains Indian knife sheaths, worn by men and women for both ceremonial and everyday use. The book is filled with full color photographs of knife sheaths, as well as historic photos of Native peoples. The detailed instructions are fully illustrated and easy to follow. Many of the sheaths featured in the pictures were made by the author.

Pow-Wow Dancer's & Craftsworker's Handbook
Format: Paperback
This book features many photographs of pow-wows and dance regalia from over the past 100 years, along with written histories and firsthand accounts of these events. Numerous pen-and-ink drawings of regalia items are accompanied by information on how they are made. Of interest to craftworkers, dancers, historians, and anyone who is fascinated with the pow-wow circuit.

The Making of a Star Blanket
Format: Paperback
The Making of a Star Blanket provides students with an opportunity to work with paper and colour, while integrating the concepts of numbers into the learning and teaching process. The hands-on experience of being able to fold the paper into different shapes, patterns and designs, adding colour, and coordinating all of this is an excellent strategy to motivate students to learn math. Being able to manipulate and visualize different concepts of math before engaging in the actual activity of making a star blanket is a good learning experience.

The section, The Star Blanket Making Process From the Sewing Perspective, shows a step-by-step progression of how to assemble a star blanket. The skill of how to create and sew a star blanket is a desired outcome for all learners. Not only does it teach the skill and manipulation of numbers, colours and patterns, it also teaches patience and builds positive self-esteem with the learner.

There are many mathematical concepts that can be taught and assessed with the Star Blanket. These concepts are not an end to itself, but generates a foundation of ideas and skills for teachers and students.

Traditional Dress: Knowledge & Methods of Old-Time Clothing
Format: Paperback
This classic book offers a fascinating look at the clothing styles of 19th- and early 20th-century Native Americans. Includes illustrated instructions on how to re-create authentic Indian beadwork, dresses, hairstyles, jewelry, moccasins, and shirts. More than 50 vintage photographs show the diversity of styles worn by Native people of various regions.

Woodcraft and Indian Lore
Format: Paperback
“I should like to lead this whole nation into the way of living outdoors,” wrote Ernest Seton over seventy-five years ago. If the nation was in need of a dose of nature then, we can certainly benefit even more from Seton’s sage advice now. Learn how to build a campfire, a dam, or a birch bark basket; to recognize animal tracks, constellations, and all manner of forestry; to stop a nose-bleed, ease poison ivy, or soothe a sore throat with natural remedies; to make delicious biscuits on the trail and spot edible mushrooms; and more. This book is essential for Boy Scouts and their leaders, and great fun for anyone desiring a fuller experience of outdoors life.

Working with Wool
Author: Sylvia Olsen
Format: Hardcover

Cowichan sweaters are a lot like the Coast Salish women who knit them: hardy, practical, and enduringly beautiful. An artistic fusion of indigenous and European handwork, the Cowichan sweater became a Canadian icon. Award-winning author, knitter, and Cowichan-sweater expert Sylvia Olsen recounts one of Vancouver Island’s most compelling stories in Working With Wool, a stunning, fully illustrated account of innovation, hard work and cultural strength.


  • Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for Historical Writing

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