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A Big Mistake?
Format: Paperback
  • Written by Richelle Lovegrove and illustrated by Amber Green, A Big Mistake? is a beautiful children’s book that explores friendship, gifts and generosity.

    When Summer’s best friend compliments the necklace her kokum gave her, she remembers her Elder’s teaching and gives the necklace away. But when her kokum comes over for supper, Summer worries that she made a big mistake by giving away such a special gift.


Enora and the Black Crane
Format: Paperback
  • An enchanting tale set in the rainforests of Queensland, this children’s story follows Enora and his family as the natural world is created, and Enora’s people are surrounded by delicious bush food and amazing animals. When Enora discovers a shimmering rainbow of color flying through the rainforest, his curiosity overwhelms him, and he sets out to discover its meaning. Based on the traditional lore and customs of Queensland’s Kokoimudgji tribe, this storybook’s beautifully detailed illustrations are sure to engage and inspire children.


How Raven Returned the Sun
Traditional Territory: Dene
Format: Hardcover
  • Written in English and Dene, How Raven Returned the Sun is one of many traditional legends passed down through Dene Culture. Many other nations have similar versions of this tale, but this particular version is from the Sahtu Region on Great Bear Lake. How Raven Returned the Sun is a loving tribute to the language and culture of the Dene.


Nanabosho and Porcupine
Format: Paperback
  • When Nanabosho decides to have some fun at the expense of a little bear cub, there's a surprise in store, courtesy of the cub's furious mother! Thanks to shy little Porcupine, he discovers best friends are often closer than you think.


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