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Racin' Jason
Traditional Territory: Métis, Ojibway
Format: Paperback
  • After helping his Mishoomis (Grandfather) save an orphaned Appaloosa colt from a bog, Jason takes a special interest in caring for it which he names Binesi or Thunderbird. At school, the bullies make fun of his affection for the funnylooking colt he hopes to race one day. They laugh and call him Racin Jason.With support from his Grandparents, Jason raises and trains Binesi. On the day of the big race, Jason and Binesi are ready. The teasing only makes Jason more determined than ever to win.


Raven Returns the Daylight
Author: Bill Helin
Traditional Territory: Tlingit
Format: Paperback
  • In this beautifully illustrated chapter book, Bill Helin tells the story of how Raven freed the sun, moon and stars. The Chief of Darkness had thought he was clever to keep them all hidden away. Discover how Raven shows how clever he can be as he transforms himself to return daylight to the world.

Authentic Canadian Content

Santa's Helper
Author: Grant Anderson
Traditional Territory: Métis
Format: Paperback
  • In this delightful Christmas story young Sarah learns a valuable lesson about the importance of giving and sharing, and helping others.


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