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Readers are transformed by what they read when they make a shift in their own thinking.When talking to students about transforming (synthesis) it is important to emphasize that:

  1. Transforming means that they change the way they think about themselves and the world around them.
  2. Transforming may not take place right away. The ideas, facts, questions and inferences that surface while reading the story may be stored away in their memories for a long time.

A Salmon for Simon
Author: Betty Waterton
Format: Paperback
  • B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.1-Life Science

    Winner of the Governor General's award and the Canadian Library Association's Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon
    Illustrator's award when it was first published in 1979. This simple story of a boy and a fish delivers a subtle environmental message that will resonate with readers. Simon, a native boy, has been trying all summer to catch a salmon. He's
    about to give up when a bald eagle suddenly drops a big coho into a clam hole right before his eyes. But when Simon discovers that the salmon is alive, he no longer wants to keep it. It's too strong and beautiful. He'd rather set it free, which means he has to figure out how to get the heavy fish back to the ocean.


Gray Wolf's Search
Author: Bruce Swanson
  • Young Gray Wolf lives on the Pacific Northwest coast with the other members of the Wolf Clan. His uncle, the clan shaman, tells Gray Wolf that his future success depends on completing an important task--he must find a very important person and get to know him well. Gray Wolf enlists the help of his brothers and sisters in the woods and waters--Eagle, Bear, Whale, Beaver, Owl and Wolf. When he returns to his clan, older and wiser, he takes the talking stick from his uncle and shares his new wisdom.


Jenneli's Dance
Author: Elizabeth Denny
Traditional Territory: Métis
Format: Paperback
  • Jenneli is a shy young girl who feels that she is nothing special, until she learns about the Metis Red-River Jig from her grandma. One day, Grandma Lucee enters her into a jigging contest. Jenneli's Dance is a story that instills a sense of pride in the Metis culture, and deals with low self-esteem.


In Re-Print
Lessons From Mother Earth
Author: Elaine McLeod
Traditional Territory: Na-cho Nyak Dun
Format: Paperback
  • Tess has visited her grandmother many times without really being aware of the garden. But today when they step out the door, Tess learns that all of nature can be a garden. And if you take care of the plants that are growing, if you learn about them - understanding when they flower, when they give fruit, and when to leave them alone - you will always find something to nourish you.

    At the end of the day, Tess is grateful to Mother Earth for having such a lovely garden, and she is thankful for having such a wise grandma.
    Elaine McLeod's poetic text and Colleen Wood's gentle watercolors combine to make Lessons from Mother Earth a celebration of nature and life.


Little Bear's Vision Quest
Author: Diane Silvey
Traditional Territory: Sechelt
Format: Paperback
  • Little Bear's Vision Quest

    A full colour story book that teaches respect for others. The paintings were done by Joe Silvey (Salish). The book deals with name calling, initially showing the main character, Little Bear, as selfish and inconsiderate of others’ feelings. The book is a modern First Nations legend applying the traditional method of using stories as a teaching tool. Little Bear learns to value the traditions of his ancestors and through the daily ritual of cleansing himself becomes in tune with nature. The book can be used by teachers, parents and other caring adults to teach children the value of respect. Discussion questions are included for parents and teachers.


Red Parka Mary
Author: Peter Eyvindson
Format: Paperback
  • Why is the little boy so afraid when he walks past his neighbour's house? In this heartwarming story, the boy learns that a wise and wonderful new friend may be only a smile away.


The First Strawberries
Author: Joseph Bruchac
Format: Paperback
  • A long time ago, the first man and woman had a quarrel. Only the beauty and flavour of the strawberry had the power to reunite this first couple.


The Little Hummingbird
Traditional Territory: South American
Format: Hardcover
  • This inspiring children's book-a revised edition of the awardwinning Flight of the Hummingbird-is based on a South American indigenous story about a courageous hummingbird who defies fear and expectations in her attempt to save the forest from fire. The illustrated story is supplemented by a natural and cultural history of hummingbirds, as well as an inspiring message from Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. The evocative artwork by internationally renowned Haida artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas complements the optimistic tale that encourages everyone to take responsibility for their home and the planet.


The Other Way to Listen
Author: Byrd Baylor
Format: Paperback
  • The Caldecott Honor author/illustrator team that brought readers "The Desert Is Theirs" and "The Way to Start a Day" returns with this tale of truly listening to the world around us. In "The Other Way to Listen", a young boy is eager to learn and an old man is happy to share his wisdom.

    Full color Ages 6-9.


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