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Readers predict when they use their prior knowledge, as well as all of the information that they have gathered from the text and illustrations, to come up with a guess about what the story will be about.When talking to students about predicting it is important to emphasize that:

  1. There is no right or wrong answer.
  2. There are many clues in the text and in the pictures.
  3. Their prediction might stay the same, or it might change, when new information is added to their prior knowledge.
  4. Predicting is something that good readers do before they start reading a story.
  5. Readers continue to predict while they are engaged in reading a story.

A Promise Is A Promise
Format: Paperback
  • Contrary to her mothers advice, Allashua decides to challenge the Qallupilluit, an imaginary Inuit character who lives under the sea ice near her home. After a surprising turn of events, the entire family is now free to fish on the ice because legend tells that children with their parents may never be captured, and a "promise is a promise."


Dragonfly's Tale
Format: Paperback
  • After a poor harvest, two children regain the Corn Maidens' blessings for their people with the aid of a cornstalk toy, the dragonfly.


Hide and Sneak
Author: Michael Kusugak
Traditional Territory: Inuit
Format: Paperback
  • One lovely afternoon Allashua is lured into mischief by a charming but sneaky little creature.


How Chipmunk Got His Stripes
Format: Paperback
  • In this retelling of a Native American pourquoi tale, Brown Squirrel challenges prideful Bear to keep the sun from rising.


The Star People
Author: S.D. Nelson
Format: Hardcover
  • A grandmother`s love is forever. In this mystical story of remembrance and tradition, Sister Girl and her brother, Young Wolf, wander far from their village and face great danger, including stampeding animals and a wall of fire. The children barely save themselves, and as night approaches, they find themselves alone in the barren and unforgiving wilderness. How will they find home? As the stars shine brightly, the spirit of their grandmother, Elk Tooth Woman, appears to guide them: "The Star People are always with you. Look up, and you will see me among the stars."
    S. D. Nelson`s compelling illustrations, inspired by the ledger-book style of the Plains Peoples, capture the beauty of humans and nature existing as one.


Totem Tale: A Tall Story From Alaska
Author: Deb Vanasse
Format: Paperback
  • On a full-moon night in Alaska, a totem pole magically comes to life. The Grizzly, Beaver, Frog, Eagle, Wolf and Raven all stretch and scratch and voice their relief at being free at last. But then the first dawn light appears on the horizon, and the totems have to reassemble themselves in the proper order before morning. Who should be on top of whom? Can wise Raven reason with these contentious creatures?

    Deb Vanasse's enchanting text and Erik Brooks's lively illustrations make this a memorable modern folktale.

    All six animals are available as plush toys on our website.


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