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A Night at Hideaway Cove Bundle

Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Salish; Coast Salish;
Status: In Print
Grade Levels: Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3;
Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Bring the ocean and night sky into your classroom with Strong Nation’s A Night at Hideaway Cove Bundle.  We have paired puppets, a board trimmer, and a marine matching game to complement the book’s ocean theme and animal characters. 

A Night at Hideaway Cove not only introduces readers to creatures that call Hideaway Cove their home and their nighttime activities but also explores how the moon affects the tides and intertidal zones.  To provide an Indigenous perspective on the moon and astronomy, we have included four moon posters from Tsimshian artist Bill Helin that represent the seasons, as well as a Coast Salish story on the sun and the moon from Coast Salish author Celestine Aleck and Coast Salish illustrator Cole Good.  The inclusion of these authentic resources offers a wonderful opportunity to incorporate Indigenous knowledge and culture into any seashore ecosystem unit or science lesson!
Authenticity Note: To see which products in this bundle are Indigenous and which are not, scroll below and view the labels attached to each product.

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A Night at Hideaway Cove (Paperback)
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: Kindergarten; 1; 2; 3;

Come with us, on a mid-August night, to a secluded beach on the Pacific Northwest Coast. There we will meet many creatures that make Hideaway Cove their home. From the black bear to the tiniest beach hopper, we will catch a glimpse of their night-time activities. We will also learn how the moon affects the tides, and explore the intertidal zones. 

A Night at Hideaway Cove is a sequel to Hideaway Cove, another exploration of the Pacific Northwest Coast during the daytime. Written by Brenda Boreham, and illustrated by Laura Timmermans, both books share with us the many interconnections within a healthy marine ecosystem.
"There are many thoughtful and charming details in both the text and illustrations, such as the moon’s movement across the sky in Laura’s illustrations and the subtle introduction of numbers as the narrative progresses. The moon is a large focus of the story—children will learn about how it affects the tides and what this means for beach creatures like raccoons, who are able to forage for an easy meal amongst the heaps of seaweed left along the shoreline as the tide goes out. Four back pages deliver information about the moon, intertidal zones and seashore creatures, making this book useful for ecosystem units and lessons on astronomy. A final page with suggestions on how to respect and protect seashore animals and habitats when exploring coastal areas invites discussions about environmental awareness. A Night at Hideaway Cove is sure to both delight and inform young readers." - Canadian Teacher Magazine, 2019 Winter Issue
Additional Information
32 pages | Paperback

Authentic Canadian Content

Strong Stories Coast Salish: The Sun and the Moon
Format: Paperback
Grade Levels: 2; 3; 4;

In this Coast Salish story, to help make their children happy, the sun and the moon make the difficult choice to part from each other. The Creator allows them to visit only at the time of an eclipse and at sunrise and sunset. The great love between the sun and the moon can be seen in the beauty of those times.

Educator & Series Information
The Sun and the Moon is part of the Strong Stories: Coast Salish series. Strong Stories focus on different First Nation territories from across Canada and the United States. These stories reflect the belief that our stories are the roots of our people, our lands and our cultures. It is from our stories that we grow and become strong and proud.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Text
Authentic Indigenous Artwork
Available as an iBook

Bulletin Board Trimmer: Tide Pool
Size: 89cm L X 7 cm W

Beautiful Tide Pool designs by artist Laura Timmermans.

15 pieces cover nearly 44 feet around your bulletin board.

Each piece is 35" x 2.75".

Authentic Canadian Content

Out of Print
Posters: Four Moon Poster Set
Country of Origin:
Size: 36 X 25 cm

Celebrate the seasons with this set of 4 Moon Posters from "We Share the Seasons". Each moon is beautifully illustrated by Bill Helin and represent Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each poster is 10" x 14" and made from high quality cover stock to last several seasons.

Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Strong Learners Memory Matching Cards - Marine
Size: 12 cm H X 9 cm W

At Strong Nations we strive to provide meaningful learning opportunities for all learners with our products. Our Strong Learners products can work both independently, or to support our Strong Nations books.

25 Cards – 1 Instructional Card and 2 each of the following:
• Bull Kelp
• Mossy Chiton
• Ochre Sea Star
• Decorator Crab
• Giant Green Anemone
• Giant Pacific Octopus
• Glaucous-winged Gull
• Pacific Blue Mussels
• Orca
• Sea Otter
• Purple Sea Urchin
• Steller Sea Lion

Memory Matching Card Games support young learners to develop and strengthen their ability to recall information. Some other benefits include:

· social interaction
· improve concentration
· pay attention to detail
· turn taking
· brain exercise
· ability to stay focused

24 cards per set.
Cellophane wrapped.

Authentic Canadian Content

Finger Puppet: Black Bear

A tiny Black Bear finger puppet wanders through forests of the imagination, prowling and growling and sniffing the air, all at your fingertips.


Finger Puppet: Eagle

The power to fly like an eagle is at your fingertips, and your imagination. All you need now is this Eagle finger puppet and you're ready to soar!

5 inch tall


Finger Puppet: Fawn

6 inch long, 3 inch wide, 2.5 inch tall

Cradle new wildlife in your hands with the mini fawn finger puppet.


Finger Puppet: Raccoon

This stripy-tailed, masked bandit and raider of garbage cans sits perched to steal your heart. From his clever paws to the end of his bushy tail, this Raccoon finger puppet has the classic look of the always-in-trouble, but too-cute-to-punish.

5 inch long, 2.5 inch wide, 3 inch tall


Finger Puppet: Raven
Size: 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall

An important figure in folklore, mythology and literature from various cultures all over the world, this finger-sized Raven finger puppet is a perfect representation of the iconic bird.


  • 7 inches long, 3 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall