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Counting in Mi'kmaw / Mawkiljemk Mi'kmawiktuk

Bilingual first counting book featuring vivid paintings from celebrated Mi'kmaw artist.

One is Ne'wt, for one bear. Two is Ta'pu, for two women at the sacred fire. Counting from one to ten in English and Mi'kmaw, baby is introduced to both the ancestral language of Mi'kmaki and to Mi'kmaw culture and legend, through beautifully rendered illustrations of important animals, like turtle, bear, and beaver, to concepts integral to the Mi'kmaw world view, like the Four (Ne'w) Directions, and the Seven (L'luiknek) Mi'kmaw teachings. Features bright and detailed illustrations from celebrated Waycobah-based Mi'kmaw illustrator, Loretta Gould.

Educator Information
Recommended ages: 3 and under

Recommended in the "Canadian Indigenous Books for Schools 2019-2020" resource list as being useful for kindergarten students in the areas of English Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies.

There is no pronunciation guide or background information about the Mi'kmaq in this book.

Additional Information
12 pages | 7.00" x 7.00" | Boardbook