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From the Mountains to the Sea: Complete Set

The "From the Mountains to the Sea" series follows a river eco-system from its source high up in the mountains all the way to the estuary. Along the rivers path we introduce the cedar tree, the salmon which feeds the entire eco-system, the bear, eagle and orca. Each book is written with a science perspective on the lefthand pages and social studies on the righthand pages.

All 3 titles in the "From the Mountains to the Sea" series include:

Kindergarten: We Live Here
Click link to download a five week Kindergarten planning guide:Kindergarten FREE Download for We Live Here

Grade 1: We Share the Seasons
Click link to download a five week Grade 1 planning guide: Grade 1 FREE Download for We Share the Seasons

Grade 2: We Are a Community
Click link to download a Grade 2 five week planning guide: Grade 2 FREE Download for We Are a Community

Also available, each book has its own bundle of items in our Bundles section.

Additional Information
Book dimensions: 10" x 14"