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Baby Black Bear

In the winter den a sleepy black bear mother cares for her three cubs. But while their mother still wants to nap, the babies are awake and full of energy. When at last their mother leaves the den to search for food, one cub can't wait any longer. So she steps out, followed by her brothers, to explore the sights, tastes and smells of an exciting - and sometimes scary - new world.

Did you know... bears prepare for winter by eating and eating. They may put on over two pounds (one kilogram) of fat every day. If you wanted to eat as much, you would have to gobble down forty-three hamburgers and twelve large orders of fries...every day!

Praise for the Nature Babies series:
"With texts that read like stories, these inviting volumes provide introductions to fascinating animals...Excellent photos showcase these creatures in their natural habitats..." — School Library Journal

"Lynch's sharp, color photographs bring children up close and give insight into baby animals' early experiences in the wild." — Booklist

Educator Information
This book features:
- Simple, informative stories about the first year in a wild animal's life.
- A 'Did You Know?' Section of interesting facts.
- Introduction, table of contents, and index.
- Unique photographs taken in the wild.

Series Information
This book is part of The Nature Babies Series, which is targeted at the next generation of naturalists and depicts baby animals in their natural environment.

Additional Information
36 pages | 8.00" x 7.00" | colour photographs throughout