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Kiss by Kiss / Ocêtôwina: A Counting Book for Families

One kiss, two kiss, three kiss, four! So many kisses and so many more. From bestselling author Richard Van Camp comes a delightful counting book that honors families and can be used to praise your little ones as they learn to count. Ten kisses from your sweet baby might not be enough to get you through this adorable book, so you'll just have to read it over and over!

Educator Information
This book is a dual-language book in English and Plains Cree Y dialect.

Recommended for Grades K-2 for the following subject areas: English Language Arts, Indigenous Language, Social Studies.

Translated by Mary Cardinal Collins.

Additional Information
26 pages | 7.00" x 7.00" | Board Book

Authenticity Note
Because this book is written and translated by an Indigenous author and translator, and because it contains Cree language, an element of Indigenous culture, this work has received the Authentic Indigenous text label and a text content label of Cree.  The story itself and the images within the book are not specifically Indigenous or Cree, however.