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About Habitats: Forests

This beginner’s guide explores the major attributes of the forest biome and showcases its striking beauty and remarkable diversity using examples from around the globe.

Through simple, easy-to-understand language and beautifully detailed paintings, this guide describes the characteristics of different types of forests - from the cold boreal forests of the northern hemisphere to the warm tropical forests near the equator - and shows how various species of animals and plants have adapted to life in these habitats.

- Best Children’s Books of the Year ―Bank Street College of Education, 2008
- Society of School Librarians International Book Awards (Honor Book, Science K-6) ―Society of School Librarians International, 2007

“It can be easy to forget that sometimes readers just need a simple concept, presented without bells and whistles: this book does just that… This is another strong series book for the Sills and would be a fine addition to elementary school and public libraries.” ― School Library Journal

“The Sills do a good job of showing (and especially identifying) both plants and animals… A solid introduction…” ― Kirkus Reviews

“Need an engaging K-2 book to help you teach habitats? Forests does a wonderful job of introducing early childhood learners to forest habitats and the organisms found there. ―NSTA Recommends

Educator Information
With simple text and language, and strong picture support (paintings), this non-fiction narrative teaches children what forests are and what kinds of animals and plants live there.

Recommended ages: 3-7

Series Information
This book is a part of the About Habitats series, which introduces children to specific habitats and their living and nonliving components.

Additional Information
48 pages | 10.00" x 8.50"