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Série de lecture Nunavummi format géant: Les animaux polaires

Format: Paperback
Status: In Print
Grade Levels: 1;
Authentic Canadian Content

Dimensions: 19.5" x 13"

Apprends tout sur quelques-uns des fascinants animaux qui peuplent l’Arctique, comme les phoques, les corbeaux, les caribous et les lemmings!

Ce livre initie les jeunes à la science et leur permet de développer leurs habiletés en lecture de textes courants. Le texte principal est accessible aux lecteurs débutants, tandis que la section supplémentaire « Le savais-tu? » vise les lecteurs plus expérimentés.

Learn all about some of the amazing animals that live in the Arctic, including seals, ravens, foxes, caribou, and lemmings!

This book will support early science education and introduce children to the skills needed to read non-fiction texts. The main text is appropriate for beginning readers, while additional “Did You Know?” boxes are targeted for readers at a higher level.

Educator Information
This book is part of the Nunavummi Reading Series, a Nunavut-developed series that supports literacy learning while teaching readers about the people, traditions, and environment of the Canadian Arctic. Les animaux polaires is a Level 8 book in the series.

This is a Big Book (format geant). Its large print and colourful, large images make it ideal for read-alouds and shared readings.

Recommended for ages 5-7.

Additional Information
24 pages | 19.50" x 13.00"