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Posters: The Six Cedar Trees Mini Poster Set (Set of six)


Also Available The Six Cedar Trees Poster for individual self reflection and "The Six Cedar Trees" Picture Book.

This set of six Mini Posters features the core competencies, each represented by an animal (bear, beaver, orca, raven, salmon and wolf). The Mini Posters are designed for use with the whole class, and the language has been structured to reflect group conversation: “Today we connect with...” The posters can be displayed individually to focus on a selected core competency or can be displayed as a group.

Please note: Each animal in this story represents one of the BC Core Competencies. The characteristics and habits have been determined by the author and do not reflect any group of Indigenous peoples. Celestine Aleck, the illustrator, and Terri Mack, the publisher, both reflected and conversed on this prior to publication in that the characteristics and habits were deemed as that of anyone describing these animals from a mainstream perspective, not a Traditional Clan or Totem perspective.