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Animals of the Salish Sea (BB)

Animals of the Salish Sea is a wonderful new book for home and school. This book shares Coast Salish traditional teachings of 26 animals. Also included is the specific aspects of each animal who live in this unique marine environment.

Explore the Salish Sea through the First Nations and Native art of Coast Salish artists (including: Terry Horne, Doug LaFortune, Francis Horne Sr., Maynard Johnny Jr., Marissa Nahanee, Latash Nahanee, Simone Diamond, Erica Joseph, Darrell Thorne, Doug Horne, Chad Leon, Joe Sxwaset-Wilson) and Musqueam, Coast Salish author Melaney Gleeson-Lyall.

"The Coast Salish people have been the guardians of the Salish Sea for thousands of years.  The Salish Sea provides us food and sustenance for living, ceremonies, and journeys of life.  We use the Salish Sea as our highway to travel and visit all of our relations.  Our cedar plank longhouses lined the shores inviting all of our visitors to our lands." - Doug LaFortune, Coast Salish 

Educator Information
This beautiful and colourful book offers teachings about the animals of the Salish Sea! 

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