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Raven Series: Raven and Duck (Big Book)

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Raven and Duck are good friends. They like to play together outside in the summer sun but most of what they do is opposite to the other.

A Little Note about Opposites:
Learning opposites is a foundational skill. So many functions of our daily lives are around sorting and categorizing and understanding opposites is a great beginning. As well, knowing what opposites are support a young learner in both comprehension and vocabulary. Understanding a story line that describes something big and something small will support comprehension. With the addition of opposite words in a young learner’s vocabulary, they can now add a description to things. As an example, the beginning stages of use may be the big boat and the small boat. As language progresses it may turn to the large boat and the little boat. At an even deeper progression, it may turn to the humongous boat and the tiny boat.

16 pages
Size: 10" x 14"