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Raven Series: Raven Sings the ABC's (Big Book)

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Follow Raven as he introduces each letter of the alphabet! Have fun naming each of the images for each letter.

A Little Note about the Alphabet:
Learning the alphabet is a foundational skill and learning through song is a wonderful way to learn! In hopes to eliminate confusion of learning to identify letters, we have typeset the letters in a specific manner. For example, L M N O P is not one letter and for young learners can be mistaken as such if not broken up. As you are singing the song slowly together, pointing at each letter will support young learners significantly. Notice that we pluralize alphabet to indicate there are many kinds.
Each letter of the alphabet in the book has a corresponding picture. Taking the time to talk about each picture, over several reads, will support building vocabulary. Some of the pictures are from other Raven books to help learners make connections from book to book.

16 pages
Size: 10" x 14"