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Hideaway Cove (Paperback)


Click here to download the Hideaway Cove lesson plan! Download an 11"x 17" copy of our "Welcome to the Westcoast" poster on beach etiquette: Welcome to the Westcoast


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Join us on a mid August day, on the wild and rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest Coast. From the orca to the tiniest barnacle, enjoy a colourful glimpse into the lives of the many creatures that live in, and around, Hideaway Cove.

Brenda Boreham and Laura Timmermans share with us, through words and illustrations, the many interconnections within a healthy marine eco-system.

"Hideaway Cove is a must-have when teaching a seashore ecosystem unit. This book provides opportunities for students to share their connections with the seashore while they learn more about the interactions within the marine ecosystem. Students could select an animal that they would like to research, leading to a project-based activity. Creating a timeline of the August day would be a great learning opportunity that would integrate mathematics, science, writing and art. Vocabulary and imagery lessons could be a focus with Hideaway Cove as well. If possible, taking students to the beach would provide students the opportunity to experience the book’s theme first hand." - Cindy Haack, Canadian Teacher Magazine 

"Hideaway Cove is a delightful, information-packed picture book that takes children through a day in the life of a west coast cove. Here, humans are noticeably absent and the diverse plants and animals tell a wonderful tale. Brenda Boreham’s text is lyrical and rich in detail. Educators and parents alike will appreciate the endnotes with further details about flora and fauna, as well as the illustrated map locating the habitats of the featured plants and animals.... Although Hideaway Cove appears to be intended for the educational market, it is beautifully written and would be suitable for family bookshelves." - Sheryl McFarlane, Hakai Magazine