Tidepool Twitcher

Author: Kelly Eaton
Language: English
Format: Pamphlet
Status: In Print

At first glance, the ocean shoreline appears as a great expanse of beach, water and sky. Look closer – as the water recedes to low tide, an amazing world of fantastical creatures awaits your discovery. Tidepools are home to an extraordinary diversity of life arising from the need to survive this ever-changing and sometimes harsh environment. Let the Tidepool Twitcher be your guide to exploration and discover of the animals and seaweeds of the Pacific Northwest intertidal zone.

The Tidepool Twitcher is perfect for any beachcomber and includes full colour identification photos of crabs, barnacles, mollusks, chitons, nudibranchs, limpets, kelp, seaweeds, sea stars, urchins, sand dollars and cucumbers, anemones, sponge as well as info on tides and tidepool ettiquette.


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