Poster: Intermediate Strong Reader Tools

Size: 91 X 61 cm
Country of Origin: Canada
Status: In Print

Strong Reader Tools Classroom Poster (2'x3')

Are you looking for a comprehension tool that works for everyone in the building? This poster has been designed to work for all, a great starting point for everyone to enter in at and then begin your journey together using the same language and strategies. I'm using it myself with many schools, at ALL levels, with great success. Please feel free to call me for more info ~Terri Mack

Features Include:
- Student friendly text
- Student friendly font
- Categorized into before, during and after the read
- Sentence stem prompts to support learning
- Builds comprehension
- Can be used in a number of curricular areas
- Mini poster is ideal for student desks or binders, size 4 1/2" x 11"

Kids love it and they use it!

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