The Central School Seashore Detectives

Author: Diane Swanson
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Status: In Print

The Central School Seashore Detective introduces readers to the super seashores of British Columbia and the Pacific-Northwest. It shows how plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to the seashore. It shows how living things depend on non-living things, such as water, light and soil. The book also presents examples of fossil seashore life, First Nations uses of forests and the ways people harm-and help-the seashore. By the end of the book, Jay, Lisa, Adam and Fran want to help care for the seashore. They find a way

Each text includes:
• an examination of the diversity of plants and animals
• how plants and animals have adapted themselves to their environment
• how plants and animals interact with each other
• an examination of the life cycles of specific plants and animals
• a comparison of fossils with plants and animals
• a look at the causes and effects of extinction and endangerment of plants and animals
• information about First Nations’ use of plants and animals in each ecosystem
• glossary and index


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