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Coasters (Laminate): Bill Helin - Hummingbird (Blue)

Size: 9 cm L X 9 cm W
Status: In Print
Other Categories: First Nations Kitchenware, Coasters
Authentic Canadian Content
Authentic Indigenous Artwork

Laminate 4 coaster set featuring Hummingbird design by Bill Helin.

Tsimshian native artist Bill Helin enjoys a very rewarding career as a creative gold engraver, painter, woodcarver, and book illustrator. He loves to paint mythological images to educate people on the history of the Tsimshian nation and the many stories passed down through his ancestors. His greatest passion however is to spiritually represent and bond individuals together through the use of native Life Crest symbols. The art of Bill Helin is reproduced in collaboration with the artist and royalties are paid to the artist on each item sold.