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Emma's Gift

Emma wants to participate in her community’s annual ‘King’s Day’ celebration that is held every year on January 6th. She loves to see the gifts that are given and hear the stories people tell when they visit. Her mother, however, feels that Emma is too young.

When Emma’s grandmother hurts herself, Emma reluctantly agrees to help. In helping her grandmother prepare and serve her King’s Day meal, Emma discovers the meaning behind this special day. ‘King’s Day’ is about celebrating Christ’s birth and the Three Wise Kings who visited the baby Jesus bearing gifts on this holy day. Emma learns that ‘King’s Day’ is not only about exchanging gifts, it’s also about helping family and friends by giving one's time.

"Deborah Delaronde uses her unique gift for writing and the insights of her Métis heart to gift us with this story of Emma. It is a heart-warming story that uncovers bit by bit how Emma realizes and integrates the meaning of King Day's into her young life. This book gives a wonderful insight into our Métis culture." - Joe McLellan, author of The Nanabosho Series

"Careful, spare sentences, paired with smartly detailed, almost cinematic drawings, gentle us through Emma's experience of the Kings' Day, the Métis traditional celebration of The Epiphany. The young woman's growing understanding --her own epiphany-- of the customs of give and take between the adults of her family and community, and her own gifting, make this a lovely story about a sweet step in a girl's growing up." - Daniel David Moses, author of A Small Essay on the Largeness of Light and Other Poems

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30 pages | 5.00" x 7.80"