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Glooscap, the Beavers and the Sugarloaf Mountain

After creating the Mi’kmaqs, the great Glooscap was certain that he had established harmony on earth. But a problem remained: the beavers had built a huge dam across the Restigouche River, preventing the salmon from swimming upriver as far as the camp of the Mi’kmaqs who had come to fish there. Young Mi’kmaq men were convinced they could remedy the situation. However, completely failing to put things right, they asked the loon to call Glooscap to help them. Will the beavers once more outmaneuver Master Glooscap?

Educator Information
Delivered in a triple-language format of English, French, and Mi'kmaw.

Roy has written his version of a Mi’kmaq legend in this story, mentioning special places such as Sugarloaf Mountain.

Additional Information
22 pages | 8.00" x 8.00"
French Text: Rejean Roy
English Text: Allison Mitcham
Kisi-Mi'kmaw wi'kek Text: Serena M. Sock
Illustrations: Rejean Roy