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Strong Readers Métis Series: Two Métis Vests (L14)

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Level 14 - Back cover book introduction: A Métis vest is a piece of clothing. It is like a short jacket but it has no sleeves. It has buttons down the front. Métis women decorate the vests with colourful designs and fringes. There are pictures of two Métis vests in this book. Which one do you think would be the hardest to make? Why?

Educator & Series Information
This book is part of the Strong Readers Métis Series. The Strong Readers Métis Series includes a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books that provide cultural reflections of the Métis.

This is a Level 14 book in the series.

Additional Information
16 Pages | Dimensions: 6in x 9in | ISBN: 9781771740685


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