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Babs' Adventures: Stranger at the Creek

When eight-year-old Babs Thompson and her brother, James, encounter a stranger in a secluded creek, they find a mystery, and many questions that have no answers. In the wilderness, miles away from civilization, a man has lived for twenty years, his desire for privacy earning him the title of hermit. With a gift for healing, his unknown past shrouded in mystery, the stranger at the creek has only one friend, Babs’ grandfather.

This beautifully bound hard-cover edition makes an excellent gift for librarians, teachers, parents and of course, children, who wish to learn more about Cree culture. Set in the 1950’s in a fictional Cree community, this book is an excellent example of how parents and grandparents of long ago taught a lot of lessons through local folklore, history, and story telling, weaving virtues throughout them. It was a good time when families were connected daily, especially in the evenings when they would spend time together.

"Babs' Adventures is sure to be a hit with teachers and parents, as children enjoy Babs' exciting adventures while learning about Cree culture and life in the 1950s." - M. D. Meyer

Educator Information
This book is the first book in the Babs' Adventures series, a chapter book series about a young Cree girl and her adventures.

Additional Information
88 pages | Hardcover