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This book bag theme is about stars.

Our book bag themes are intended to be "mini themes" that can be sent home with students for a week at a time. Each book bag theme contains both fiction and non fiction titles. Some books are independent reads, some are read alouds, and some provide parent/caregiver support or are an interactive title full of activities. As well, some bags contain a plush toy for families to take with them on either their daily routines or out to special occasions. As an idea to support the sharing of family storytelling, the toy could be photographed at the grocery store or Grandma's birthday party. The photos could then be uploaded to a school and or community page and shared over the years specifically for the journey of that one toy.

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Skywatcher's Companion
Author: Stan Shadick
Format: Paperback
  • Skywatcher's Companion: Constellations and Their Mythology
    A Starry Starry Night Discovery Book (series)

    A colourful and informative sidekick to Stan Shadick's hugely popular Skywatchers Calendar

    The star-studded night sky is the biggest movie screen in the universe, and it has fired the human imagination ever since our ancestors first looked up in awe and marvelled at its grandeur and its mysterious twinkling lights. Over the last 5,000 years, people from many different cultures have been inspired to create stories about the formations that the sky's billions of stars seem to make.

    Each culture's stories, or myths, are known collectively as a mythology. They were created to explain mysteries of the natural world, such as why storms occur, why the seasons change and why crows do not sing like other birds. Among the first people to tell these stories were the ancient kingdoms of Mesopotamia, located roughly where the country of Iraq is today. As these kingdoms grew and prospered, mythological beliefs came to be tied to the heavens above. Star formations were attributed to the gods-for if not the work of the greatest gods, what could these jewel-like objects, so beautiful and constantly changing, possibly be?-and often represented legendary heroes on Earth who had somehow earned an eternal place in the night sky. Storytellers made up new tales to explain how the lives and actions of those gods influenced the lives of humans.

    These myths give us insights into how ancient people tried to make sense of the world they lived in and the sky above it. Learning about the constellations and their mythology is the focus of this book; future books in this new series will explore other aspects of our starry, starry nights.


Coyote and the Sky How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Began
Author: Emmett Garcia
Format: Hardcover
  • B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.3-Earth and Life Science

    According to Santa Ana Pueblo legend, the animals' spirit Leader created the sun, moon, and stars by using woven yucca mats and hot coals. He selected certain animals to climb from their homes in the Third World up to the Fourth World. The Squirrel, the Rabbit, and the Badger were all allowed to go. The Coyote, however, was forbidden to accompany them because he was always causing trouble and stealing food from the others.

    Regardless of what he was told, Coyote refused to stay in the Third World. He found a hiding place and waited for a chance to follow the animals to the Fourth World. When the other animals discovered Coyote, they summoned the Leader to the Fourth World to deal with him. Coyote's punishment is a lesson in what happens to animals, or people, when they refuse to obey instructions.

    Writing for the younger reader, Emmett "Shkeme" Garcia, a member of the Santa Ana tribe, shares his Pueblo's story of the beginnings of the stars and constellations. Victoria Pringle's illustrations provide visual elements that enhance the action of the story.

    All ages.


How the Stars Fell Into the Sky
Author: Jerrie Oughton
Format: Paperback
  • This retelling of a Navajo folktale explains how First Woman tried to write the laws of the land using stars in the sky, only to be thwarted by the trickster Coyote.


Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters
Format: Paperback
  • The story of Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters is a very old Mi'kmaq legend. It happens in the North Sky as the stars that show the story of Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters move around Tatapn, the North Star. The Mi'kmaq know that the sky is just the same as the earth, only up above and older. All through the year, as the stars and planets travel through the sky, the Mi'kmaq watch the story of Muin and the hunters as it unfolds before their eyes.


Format: Paperback
  • In 2005, SkySisters was the award recipient for First Nation Communities Read.

    B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.3-Earth and Life Science

    Two Ojibway sisters set off across the frozen north country to see the SkySpirits midnight dance. It isn't easy for the younger sister to be silent, but gradually she begins to treasure the stillness and the wonderful experiences it brings. After
    an exhilarating walk and patient waiting, the girls are rewarded by the arrival of the SkySpirits - the Northern Lights - dancing and shimmering in the night sky. This powerful story, with its stunning illustrations, captures the chill of a northern night, the warmth of the family circle and the radiance of a child's wonder.


The Star People
Author: S.D. Nelson
Format: Hardcover
  • A grandmother`s love is forever. In this mystical story of remembrance and tradition, Sister Girl and her brother, Young Wolf, wander far from their village and face great danger, including stampeding animals and a wall of fire. The children barely save themselves, and as night approaches, they find themselves alone in the barren and unforgiving wilderness. How will they find home? As the stars shine brightly, the spirit of their grandmother, Elk Tooth Woman, appears to guide them: "The Star People are always with you. Look up, and you will see me among the stars."
    S. D. Nelson`s compelling illustrations, inspired by the ledger-book style of the Plains Peoples, capture the beauty of humans and nature existing as one.


Raven Tales Episode 18: Starlight, Star Bright DVD
  • The children sit outside looking up at the stars with Dog. They wonder aloud how they came to take the shapes that they have. Eagle appears and tells them how in the beginning days, that the Great Spirit called together a huge gathering of all the four-legged creatures and birds. At this meeting the Great Spirit selected the Old Man and his Daughter, who had lost the stars to begin with, to give them a pattern for all to enjoy. The Great Spirit gathered them back into a box and they began to carefully place each one.

    Coyote was very interested in what was going on, but being a wiggler and trickster, the Great Spirit turned to him and said "Do not make mischief here!" The Old man and his Daughter were busy placing the stars in ordered patterns upon the sky: Seven Stars here and the three Stars there. When they had placed the beautiful Morning Star he stood back and admired their work, as did all the rest.

    While everyone, including the Great Spirit was gathered to gaze at the luminous Morning Star, Coyote tiptoed over to the box of stars to see for himself what the man and daughter were doing. As he lifted the boxes lid just a little, the stars rose to the occasion, pushed the lid away and raced for the sky. This is the reason so many twinkle without order or pattern, and why so many are not named.



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