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This book bag theme is about salmon.

Our book bag themes are intended to be "mini themes" that can be sent home with students for a week at a time. Each book bag theme contains both fiction and non fiction titles. Some books are independent reads, some are read alouds, and some provide parent/caregiver support or are an interactive title full of activities. As well, some bags contain a plush toy for families to take with them on either their daily routines or out to special occasions. As an idea to support the sharing of family storytelling, the toy could be photographed at the grocery store or Grandma's birthday party. The photos could then be uploaded to a school and or community page and shared over the years specifically for the journey of that one toy.

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A Tahltan Cookbook Vol. 2: More Than 88 Ways to Prepare Salmon
Author: Louise Framst
Format: Hardcover
B.C. Science Supplementary Resource Gr.4- Life Science

The Tahltan band of northern BC are experts at preparing meals that feature salmon. This volume contains over 88 salmon recipes while sharing Aboriginal culture in relation to the history of salmon and its importance to First Nations people.

See also Talhltan Cookbooks Volume 1 and 3.

Dipnetting With Dad
Author: Willie Sellars
Content Territory: Secwepemc (Shuswap)
Format: Hardcover
BUMP, BUMP - SLAP, river sockeye salmon are pulled onto shore!
Set in the beautiful landscape of the Cariboo Chilcotin region, DIPNETTING WITH DAD is a delightful and colourful story of a father teaching his son the Secwepemc method of fishing known as dipnetting. Together they visit the sweat lodge, mend the nets, select the best fishing spot and catch and pack their fish through rugged bush back to the family home for traditional preparation. In his first book, Williams Lake Indian Band member Willie Sellars captures family values, the importance of storytelling, community living and coming of age in one of BC's oldest cultures. Debut artist Kevin Easthope's contemporary and dynamic illustrations bring the characters to life as they jump off the page and pull you into their world.

Salmon Stream
Format: Paperback
Named a prestigious CBC/NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book, this is a poetic yet accurate description of the life cycle of salmon. For kids, it is fun and eye-opening. For teachers, it is a valuable supplement to a unit on water, fish and ocean animals, and the life cycle. Fast-paced prose and brilliant illustrations follow the salmon from their form as eggs in a stream to the wide ocean, eventually making a hazardous journey home to their stream of origin. As in her earlier best-selling book, The Tree in the Ancient Forest, author Carol Reed-Jones uses cumulative verse--a literary technique that is not only enjoyable but suggests how interconnected salmon are with their habitat. At the back is a section on salmon facts and what makes a good habitat for them, teaching the basics of ecology and why clean streams and waters are so important.

(ages 6-12)

The Journey of Dog Salmon
Content Territory: Nuu-chah-nulth (Nootka)
Format: Paperback
Dog Salmon is the bully of the river and is taught how important it is to respect others. The legend also integrates the natural salmon cycle.

A Salmon for Simon
Author: Betty Waterton
Format: Paperback
B.C. Science Supplementary Resource: Gr.1-Life Science

Winner of the Governor General's award and the Canadian Library Association's Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon
Illustrator's award when it was first published in 1979. This simple story of a boy and a fish delivers a subtle environmental message that will resonate with readers. Simon, a native boy, has been trying all summer to catch a salmon. He's
about to give up when a bald eagle suddenly drops a big coho into a clam hole right before his eyes. But when Simon discovers that the salmon is alive, he no longer wants to keep it. It's too strong and beautiful. He'd rather set it free, which means he has to figure out how to get the heavy fish back to the ocean.

A Salmon's Sky View
Author: Carol McDougall
Format: Paperback
“A Salmon’s Sky View” began as the idea of using art to make reading fun and engaging. As a teacher and a parent of creative children, I imagined it would be great to finish reading a picture book and then to have the art directions to re-create the illustrations. I wanted kids to feel the joy of succeeding and expressing themselves.

I chose an art project which I had used as a teacher and had been really successful with children of many ages – looking up through water at a silhouette. Once the art medium of permanent black ink and water colour was chosen, I started thinking of a story line which would go with it.

I wrote the non-fiction story of the life cycle of a salmon. I love salmon. The world I want has an abundance of salmon in it. Not only is the salmon a part of our teaching curriculum but it is a vital part our natural heritage in British Columbia, Canada.

I started sharing my story with students. Many people (especially kids) are intrigued to hear that the art came first - this is an example of the author being a very creative, right brained, visual learner.

I realized that there was much more to this little salmon story and I wanted to understand it. This became the basis of my Master of Arts research. I examined creativity, literacy and I explored how teachers’ viewed visual learners. I worked with teachers who were involved in the stewardship program of incubating salmon in the classroom. This helped me develop an understanding of the creative process and learning styles in relation to my book. We shared the story, art and writing process. We noticed that students’ writing was often richer and more detailed when asked to write after they had created a picture. Teachers’ consistently viewed students as more engaged learners.

"If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it."
~Albert Einstein

Current brain research confirmed that art integration can lead to gains in literacy and numeracy and that intelligence is multiple. Through enhanced literacy, we can help students make their way in the world as engaged, creative learners. I decided that this was an idea worth sharing and launched my book in July 2009 at the Vancouver Aquarium’s NAME (Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators ) conference.

Out of Print
Catfish, Cod, Salmon, and Scrod: What Is a Fish?
Author: Brian P. Cleary
Format: Paperback
What is a fish? Stingrays, goldfish, sharks, and many other creatures are all fish! Clever rhymes from Brian P. Cleary and comical illustrations from Martin Goneau explain the traits that all fish have in common and help you determine which creatures belong in this water-dwelling group. Animal names are printed in color for easy identification, and the goofy CATegorical cats make learning fun!

Out of Print
P'esk'a and the First Salmon Ceremony
Author: Scot Ritchie
Format: Hardcover
It’s the day of the first salmon ceremony, and P'ésk'a is excited to celebrate. His community, the Sts'ailes people, give thanks to the river and the salmon it brings by commemorating the first salmon of the season.

Framed as an exploration of what life was like one thousand years ago, P'ésk'a and the First Salmon Ceremony describes the customs of the Sts'ailes people, an indigenous group who have lived on the Harrison River in British Columbia for the last 10,000 years. Includes an introductory letter from Chief William Charlie, an illustrated afterword and a glossary.

Out of Print
S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet
Author: Hannah Viano
Format: Hardcover
In this beautiful ABC book, C is for Crab; D is for Douglas fir; and E is for Eagle. Based on Pacific Northwest artist Hannah Viano’s regionally themed paper-cut art, this lovely children’s book sheds a new light on the ABCs that will appeal to young and old alike. Fans of Nikki McClure and Kate Endle will appreciate the beautiful handmade appeal of this book.

Plush: Sami the Salmon
Size: 24 cm L
Designed by Maynard Johnny Jr., Salish,, Kwakwaka'wakw.


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