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Book Bag Theme: ABC's & 123's

Status: In Print
Other Categories: Book Bag Bundles

This book bag theme is about ABC's & 123's.

Our book bag themes are intended to be "mini themes" that can be sent home with students for a week at a time. Each book bag theme contains both fiction and non-fiction titles. Some books are independent reads, some are read alouds, and some provide parent/caregiver support or are an interactive title full of activities. As well, some bags contain a plush toy for families to take with them on either their daily routines or out to special occasions. As an idea to support the sharing of family storytelling, the toy could be photographed at the grocery store or Grandma's birthday party. The photos could then be uploaded to a school and or community page and shared over the years specifically for the journey of that one toy.

Authenticity Note: Not all products in this bundle are Indigenous.  See individual items below for more details.

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Math Games & Activities from Around the World
Claudia Zaslavsky
Format: Paperback

More than 70 math games, puzzles, and projects from all over the world are included in this delightful book for kids. Multicultural fun for ages 9+.

“A powerful book of games, puzzles, and art-related projects for middle-grade students.” —Mathematics Teaching in Middle School

“This book is a splendidly sneaky means of countering math anxiety.” —Hungry Mind Review

Additional Information
160 pages | 11.00" x 8.50"


1234 First Nations Explore
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations;

1234 First Nations Explore

There are so many wonderful and interesting facts about First Nations Culture. The 1234 book gives children a chance to count while they learn about Aboriginal Peoples from all over "Turtle Island".

Kim is a Lakota artist, teacher in Vancouver, BC and children's TV show writer.

These watercolour paintings are part of a collection that teaches about First Nation's culture. The paintings were featured in “Wakanheja“ in counting time with Terry Turtle.


Powwow Counting in Cree
Format: Hardcover
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; First Nations; Cree (Nehiyawak);

A unique book for young children that teaches counting from one to ten in the Cree language. Both words and pictures reflect the rich culture and tradition of the Cree people.


The ABC's of our Spiritual Connection
Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;

This book is beautifully illustrated and provides the reader with tidbits of Aboriginal cultural practises from nations across Canada. A must have for your collection ~Terri

The need for positive Aboriginal representation in children's literature has led Kim to share First Nations Spiritual life. As a teacher and artist Kim shares many "Sacred" concepts that she has experienced. In honour of here Lakota heritage and the respect she has for all Aboriginal People's Spiritual journey, the AbC Book was constructed. Kim acknowledges all of her Ancestors and the many People from different Nations that have given their wisdom and guidance. A deep regard is given to all the "Sacred" ceremonies that are not mentioned.

Kims ABC book was seen on Sesame Street.

Her ABC book was also instrumental in the creation of Wakanheja, a First Nations children’s puppet show.


Matching Game: Northwest Coast Native Animals

Have fun learning and playing through First Nations art.

Contributions from Indigenous artists.



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