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The Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape

The Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape is a trilingual picture book that retells a Mi'kmaq legend.

Long ago, Glooscap travelled throughout the land after he created the Mi’kmaq people. Along the way Glooscap encountered giant polar bears, large squirrels, and dangerous moose. He questioned their intentions toward the people and decided that in order to maintain harmony and balance in the world he must change the habitat and size of these animals. The beaver eluded Glooscap for a time but in the end Glooscap changed the beaver too. In his efforts to create a harmonious world Glooscap created the landscape and special places such as the Reversing Falls, Partridge Island, and Grand Falls. Today the Mi’kmaq acknowledge and give thanks to Glooscap for taking care of them and for these special sites in New Brunswick.

Educator Information
Delivered in a triple-language format of English, Mi'kmaq, and French.

The French section is Le maître Glooscap transforme animaux et paysage and is translated by Rejean Roy. The Mi’kmaq section is Mawiknat Klu’skap Sa’se’wo’laji Wi’sisk aqq Sa’se’wa’toq Maqamikew and is translated by Serena Sock. The English section is written by Allison Mitcham. The illustrated story explains how the geography of New Brunswick came to be. It also explains why the animals appear in their current shape and size. 

Additional Information
24 pages