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Cedric the Cedar

“Cedric the Cedar” is the name given to the Western Red Cedar. He is a fire control officer and is responsible for protecting the forest and all the animals that live in it. Beavers are turned into tree fallers, Moose and bear are turned into front-end loaders and flying squirrels are turned into water bombers in this cleverly written book.“Cedric the Cedar” teaches us how firefighters manage a wildfire and illustrates the role fire plays in helping to make our forests healthier. Fire and fire management is a process and tool that has been used for centuries.

Educator & Series Information
Legends of the Forest are books written about trees designed to connect kids to nature. This is done by giving trees a personality and an active role in the forest. Each book starts with a beautifully illustrated legend, which is a tool to help kids remember how to identify trees. After you have finished finding all the acorns hidden on each page you can turn to the fun facts and tree identification section to learn more. These books fit perfectly into the school curriculum and compliment any educator’s library. Also included are science projects which are great for teachers to share with their class or for parents who choose to home school. There are wonderful crafts such as maple seed pod dragonfly mobiles, polishing amber, creating beautiful little pine cone earrings and building a cedar birdhouse to name a few.  These books are to be used as a bedtime story, field guide, and as reference material for homeschoolers and classrooms. All the information is curriculum based and easy to integrate into lesson plans for science and technology.

This is the second book in the Legends of the Forest series.

Additional Information
48 pages | 5.50" x 8.50"