Uncommon Clay: The Labradoria Mural

Dorrie Brown
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Status: In Print
Authentic Canadian Content

In November of 2006, the Labrador Creative Arts Festival invited Lynda Faulks, a national award-winning art educator, to teach a short course in bas relief clay work.

In four days, nineteen inspired students had created nineteen Labrador-inspired tiles, something that usually takes a month to achieve. From January to June, 2007, Dorrie Brown, an art teacher in her own right, continued this project, carrying clay, tools and more inspiration to thirty-five other young Labrador artists, age twelve to eighteen, spread from Nain in the north to Cartwright in the south.

Uncommon Clay gives life to images, which gives life to stories, which whisper and breathe from walls that remember and celebrate.

Fifty-four young artists. Fifty-four tiles. Thirteen communities. Images of Innu, Metis and European heritage intermingled. This is the Labradoria Mural. This is the mosaic that is Labrador.

Each image has a story. These images, these stories, now in common clay, are forever. And these images, these stories, will be admired, considered, treasured, and heard by all who understand their uncommon nature.

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