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The Native Stories From Keepers of the Animals

The Haida of the Pacific Northwest tell the story of a boy who shows no respect for the salmon, even though the salmon mean life for his people. Caught by the current while swimming one day, he drowns and is taken by the Salmon People to their village deep in the ocean. There he becomes a healer, learning about the eternal cycles of life and the interdependence of all living things, wisdom he imparts to his own people during a brief visit before he returns to the Salmon People under the sea. "Salmon Boy" is one of twenty-four tales that demonstrate the power of animals in Native American traditions and foster an appreciation for all life on earth.

The stories in this collection come from many aboriginal groups of North America, including Mohawk, Hopi, Haida, Cree, Inuit, Cherokee, and others. Parents, teachers, and children will delight in these lovingly told tales about "our relations, the animals." The stories come to life through the magical illustrations by Mohawk artists John Kahionhes Fadden and David Fadden.

Foreword by Vine Deloria, Jr.