The Gibson Park Grassland Detectives

Author: Diane Swanson
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Status: In Print
Grade Level: 4

The Gibson Park Grasslands Detectives introduces readers to the great grasslands of British Columbia and the Pacific-Northwest. It shows how plants and animals interact and adapt themselves to the grassland. It shows how living things depend on non-living things, such as water, light and soil. The book also presents examples of fossil grassland life, First Nations’ uses of forests and the ways people harm-and help-the grassland. By the end of the book, Lynn, Mike and Christie want to help care for the grassland. They find a way.

The Nature Detective Series is a set of five books and five teacher’s guides, developed specifically to address learning outcomes in the new national science curriculum, is an essential addition to your classes grade collection.

Written by award winning BC author, Diane Swanson, the Nature Detectives Series tells the stories of groups of adventurous nature detectives as they discover the life in five different ecosystems; westcoast rainforest, seashore, wetland, grassland and river. These enjoyable books provide primary teachers with a language-based resource from which science and language arts can be extended across the curriculum.

The books also present examples of fossil life, traditional First Nations uses of ecosystems and the ways people harm and help the environment. Teacher’s Guide available.

Table of Contents

Each text includes:
• an examination of the diversity of plants and animals
• how plants and animals have adapted themselves to their environment
• how plants and animals interact with each other
• an examination of the life cycles of specific plants and animals
• a comparison of fossils with plants and animals
• a look at the causes and effects of extinction and endangerment of plants and animals
• information about First Nations’ use of plants and animals in each
• ecosystem
• glossary and index

48 pp, full color illustrations, glossary, index

Level: Grades 3-4

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