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Assessing Literacy Reading Levels: Evaluating Aboriginal Literacy Material

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Over the past years, literacy practitioners have been asking for a tool that blends various assessment approaches into an easy to use format so that learners working on improving their reading and writing can be assessed at the level or grade of their choice, whether it is within the LBS Skills Levels, the Essential Skills Levels, or the Ontario Common Curriculum Grades 1-10.

Ningwakwe Learning Press has developed this Assessment and Evaluation Matrix in order to provide a graphic representation of the LBS Skills levels in comparison to the Essential Skills and the Ontario Common Curriculum. Learners and practitioners will be able to see what Reading levels learners may be at in all three areas. Practitioners, both new and seasoned, will be provided with an overview/review of all three of these assessment processes and why they may be important to keep in mind.

Think of it as a quick resource guide, a one stop place to brush up on assessment and to find out where to go for more detailed information on the assessment of their choice.

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