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Grand Conversations

Format: Paperback
Status: Available
Grade Levels: University/College;
Authentic Canadian Content

Grand Conversations, Thoughtful Responses: A Unique Approach to Literature Circles

Grand Conversations, Thoughtful Responses provides the key to helping your students become enthusiastic, confident readers. In the author's unique approach to Literature Circles, no roles are used and no limits are set on the amount students read. Students choose their books from an appropriate prearranged set, are engaged in meaningful conversations about their books with their peers, keep response journals, and work bi-weekly on a whole-class comprehension strategy. In this resource, you will find: " steps for establishing Literature Circles in your classroom, " strategies and ideas for building purposeful discussion groups, " practical techniques that help students select books, " comprehensive book lists, " tips and criteria to help students write insightful personal responses, " suggestions for assessing and evaluating student work in Literature Circles.