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Fight for Justice

10-year-old Justice feels like the "man of the house" for his twin sister, Charity and their Mom. He would much rather be snowmobiling on his grandparents' reserve. It is there that he can leave the grimy city and the bullying kids of his neighbourhood.

When Charity is attacked by the school bullies, Justice decides to take matter into his own hands. When his plan to frame the ring-leader, Trey goes awry, Justice finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for.

A realistic look at life on the inner city streets for many kids: gangs, bullying and learning to fight for what you believe in. Through the help of his multi-generational family and his native heritage, Justice learns the importance of believing in your self and fighting for what you know is right.

"A gentle, positive and authentic tale."— Canadian Children's Book News, January 2010

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128 pages | 5.48" x 7.25"