Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State

Author: Alan Cairns
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Status: In Print
Other Categories: BC First Nations Studies 12

Citizens Plus: Aboriginal People and
the Canadian State by Alan Cairns is
a response to the Report of the Royal
Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
(RCAP) released in 1996 which
advocates Aboriginal self determination
and government.
Cairns examines relations between
the state and Aboriginal peoples, the
impact of the government's
assimilationist policies, and finally
the emergence of a nation-to-nation
paradigm as embodied in the findings
of the RCAP. Ultimately, he is
concerned with the potential impact
of the Reports' recommendations on
the unity of Canada. Criticizing the
RW for ignoring viable alternatives
to self-government, Cairns proposes
a shared-rule federalism that
recognizes and respects cultural
diversity. Under the rubric of
citizenship, Cairns believes that
multiple Aboriginal identities and a
Canadian identity can CO-exist.


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