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Growth of the First Metis Nation and the Role of Aboriginal Women in the Fur Trade Native Peoples Canada

Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian; M├ętis;
Status: In Print

Growth of the First Metis Nation and the Role of the Aboriginal Women in the Fur Trade contains 16 lessons at the grade 10 level. First Nations Education Division of the Greater Victoria School Division, British Columbia, developed this resource guide for teachers. The guide explores the development of the Metis people by beginning with the pre-contact trade system. The next focus is the development of the fur trade and the way marriage customs emerged. Descriptions of Metis cultural identity and lifestyle are presented. The problems associated with treaties and land surrenders as well as the impact of the railroad are examined. The two final lessons deal with the Riel Rebellion and the impact of resistance on the lives of Metis women and children. The role of women in Metis society receives attention throughout the guide. Minor factual inaccuracies relate to the author's reliance on the work of Diamond Jenness for the first lesson. This guide is appropriate as a teacher resource for grade 10.