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Fraser Bear

Fraser Bear follows the first two years in a black bear cub's life in the Pacific Northwest. Fraser's days are filled with adventure, danger, and delight -- and the endless quest for food. He learns the fun of sliding in the snow, the sounds of owls and coyotes, how to find and fill his belly with berries, and how to scurry up a tree and hang on for his life. Most important, he tries to learn the skill of salmon catching from his mother. Eventually, Fraser must leave the protection of his mother and sister and journey on by himself. This exciting story is illuminated by beautiful illustrations of Fraser and his adventures, uniting the cycles of bear and fish, whose lives are so importantly intertwined. A map of the area, glossary, and further information about bears and salmon complete this delightful nature story for young readers.

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48 pages | 8.00" x 10.00"