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Fiddle Dancer

Fiddle Dancer tells the tale of a young Metis boy, Nolin, and his growing awareness of his Metis heritage and identity while his "Moushoom," or grandfather, teaches him to dance. Authors Wilfred Burton and Anne Patton masterfully weave a childhood story rich in Metis culture and language. This delightful story captures the importance of Elders as role models, a child's apprehension at learning new things, and the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Sherry Farrell Racette provides many beautiful illustrations for the book.

Includes a CD with English and Michif Narrations of the Story and Fiddle Music!

Educator Information
This is the first book in a trilogy composed of these three titles: Fiddle Dancer, Dancing In My Bones, and Call of the Fiddle.

Michif translations by Normal Fleury.