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Mayuk the Grizzly Bear: A Legend of the Sechelt People

These traditional teaching legends come straight from the oral traditions of the Sechelt Nation. Simple enough to be understood by young children, yet compelling enough for adults, they are gentle, beautifully presented cautionary tales. You'll want to read them again and again - and you'll learn a few words of the Shishalh language while you're at it.

"In the naming of his great-grandson, a grandfather relates the story of how Mayuk met his match at the hands of three brothers, and how one, who was wounded, was healed by Indian medicine. To celebrate his survival, the grandfather named his grandson Mayuk so he would have the attributes of that animal. That this book is a story within a story within a story within a story is a common Northwest Coast oral history device." - Oyate

Series Information
This book is part of the Legends of the Sechelt Nation series.

Additional Information
40 pages | 7.00" x 8.50"