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Format: Paperback
Text Content Territories: Indigenous Canadian;
Status: Available
Grade Levels: 5; 6; 7; 8;
Authentic Canadian Content

Josh Watson is chosen to attend an elite hockey camp for the summer and rooms with Peter Kuiksak, a talented Native player from the Northwest Territories. He struggles with the rigors of camp, intensified because of his diabetes, which he is trying to hide so he won't receive special treatment. He begins to like and respect Peter, and his loyalties are tested when he learns that the star player, Kevin, and other boys are planning on intensifying their cruel hazing of him. Josh rises to the occasion, stopping the roughing and scoring big because he stands up for what he believes. Although the message is not subtle, the hockey action is nonstop and full of excitement. Readers of sports fiction, especially hockey fans, will love it. The dialogue is brisk, and although character development takes second place to the action-driven plot, the book fills a niche for libraries looking for offerings that combine sports and an issue with which kids deal.

Book 1

Against the Boards is book 2
Northern Star is book 3