Untold History: Understanding the Impact of Indian Residential School on Canada's Aboriginal Peoples (Teacher's Guide)

Ilona Weiss
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Untold History: Understanding the Impact of Indian Residential School on Canada's Aboriginal Peoples is a series of lessons created for students to develop an understanding of how residential schools impacted Aboriginal people across Canada. It is my hope that through these lessons, students will gain compassion and empathy for experiences faced by Aboriginal people in the past, and how these experiences continue to affect the Aboriginal community today.

By incorporating literature circles with the lessons found within this unit, the majority of learning outcomes for Grade 7 Language Arts will be met. As well, many of the learning outcomes for Social Studies are met. The recommended literature and corresponding lessons address the overreaching goal of the BC Social Studies curriculum which is to develop thoughtful, responsible, active citizens who are able to acquire the requisite information to consider multiple perspectives and to make reasoned judgments. Students will be able to critically reflect upon events and issues in order to examine the present, make connections with the past, and consider the future.

I highly recommend using this resource to begin your journey of learning about the Residential School system in Canada. - Terri Mack

Educator Information
Table of Contents:
Important Historical Information for Teachers


Suggested Scope and Sequence

British Columbia Prescribed Learning Outcomes
- English Language Arts
- Social Studies
- Quick Scale: Grade 7 Reading Literature
- Quick Scale: Grade 7 Writing Reports, Articles, and Letters
- Quick Scale: Grade 7 Writing to Communicate Ideas and Information
- Quick Scale: Grade 7 Personal Writing
- Rating Scale: Grade 7 Personal Writing

Recommended Resources
- Recommended Books for Literature Circles
- Recommended Videos
- YouTube Videos
- Recommended Websites
- How to Conduct Literature Circles

Lesson Plans
- Introduction: Exploring Prior Knowledge
- Vocabulary
- Movie Comparison
- Persuasive Letter Writing
- Impact of Residential School: Experiential Exercise

Blackline Masters
- Vocabulary Development
- Transforming My Thinking
- O.W.I (Observe, Wonder, Infer)
- Venn Diagram

Literature Circle Assessment Rubric

Student Samples

Additional Information
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