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For the Love of Reading Books to Build Lifelong Readers

Format: Paperback
Status: In Print
Grade Levels: University/College;
Authentic Canadian Content

What should we read to our children? Four experts share their favorite books.
In For the Love of Reading, David Bouchard has teamed up with literacy experts Sally Bender, Anne Letain, and Lucie Poulin-Mackey to give lists of books to inspire us and our children. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, an administrator, an auntie, a grandpa or Mum's best friend, in For the Love of Reading you will find books to strike your fancy and the fancies of all the children in your life. Each author provides lists of books for all ages, as well as lists of seasonal books, resources, favorite strategies to encourage reading and those strategies to avoid. Lucie Poulin-Mackey's lists are of books in French. Indices are provided by author and title.

David Bouchard has been a tireless champion of literacy for many years. A non-reader until adulthood, he fell in love with children's books one day when he was asked to read a chapter of a novel aloud.

Sally Bender is a teacher-librarian who writes a book review column for the Brandon Sun. She brought the children's book section to her local teachers' supply store, Total Teacher, where she worked for several years.

Anne Letain is a teacher-librarian, a consultant and the host of the website, The Reading Registry (

Lucie Poulin-Mackey has been a teacher for almost twenty years. Lucie is now a literacy specialist for her French school board.

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