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I Can't Have Bannock But The Beaver Has A Dam

A boy patiently listens to his mother's reasons for not making bannock-all the result of a beaver's need to make a dam.

Includes a bannock recipe!

"I Can't Have Bannock But the Beaver Has a Dam is written in prose. It begins with a little boy asking his mother if he can have some bannock. She says no and tells him why. As for all little boys, mother's answer only offers material for another question. So the book's story is built on this question-answer exchange between the two. Each time the mother answers, she gives all of the information in the previous answer plus a new piece of information, so we see the picture expanding for the boy. The book would be a good teaching tool for the elementary teacher, especially for those in native and northern communities where bannock and power failures are a part of everyday life. It is recommended for all elementary school libraries." - Sharon A. McLennan McCue, CM Magazine

Educator Information
Recommended Grades: K-3

Additional Information
32 pages | 9.00" x 11.00" | New Edition