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Our Intention

Strong Nations believes in collaborating with schools, colleges, universities, organizations, daycare facilities, businesses and communities to support and improve the learning experiences for all Indigenous peoples. Strong Nations provides an open service of information to support, and hopefully transform, the lives of Indigenous peoples by providing access to, and demonstrating the use of, Indigenous text in literacy acquisition. It is our hope that we can bring Indigenous content into the lives of all peoples in order to create pathways that support the building of strong nations together. Strong Nations has three key values that underpin the way we communicate:
Collaboration: We work towards fostering a spirit of connection, social responsibility, and active decision making in the selection of titles for your project requirements.
Empowerment: At all times we nurture others so that they have the confidence and self determination to make positive choices that support their needs, as well as creating opportunities to pose questions that will deepen understanding.
Respect: No matter where an individual stands on the learning continuum of understanding Indigenous perspective, we are here to meet you respectfully with all that we are. Gilakas'la!