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100 Days of Cree   $24.95 1493 for Young People: From Columbus's Voyage to Globalization   $18.95
21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act   $19.95 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance (PB)   $10.95
A Coyote Columbus Story   $9.95 A is for Aboriginal (Hardcover)   $24.95
A Knock on the Door: The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada   $17.95 A Native American Thought of It   $9.95
A People on the Move: The Métis of the Western Plains   $9.95 A River Lost   $11.95
A Story as Sharp as a Knife   $24.95 A Two-Spirit Journey: The Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder   $24.95
Aboriginal Canada Revisted   $45.00 All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward   $19.95
America's Gift   $22.95 An Arctic Man: The classic account of sixty-five years in Canada's North   $19.95
An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People   $39.95 An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States for Young People   $24.95
Atlas of Indian Nations   $60.00 Beau Dick: Devoured by Consumerism   $30.00
Becoming Inummarik: Men's Lives in an Inuit Community   $32.95 Being Ts'elxwéyeqw: First Peoples' Voices and History from the Chilliwack-Fraser Valley, British Columbia   $94.95
Big Lonely Doug: The Story of One of Canada's Last Great Trees   $22.95 Blanket Toss Under Midnight Sun: Portraits of Everyday Life in Eight Indigenous Communities   $32.95
Braiding Histories: Learning from Aboriginal Peoples' Experiences and Perspectives   $47.95 Broken Circle: The Dark Legacy of Indian Residential Schools: A Memoir   $19.95
Canoe Crossings: Understanding the Craft that Helped Shape British Columbia   $19.95 Canoe Kids Volume 1: The Ojibwe of Great Spirit Island   $22.95
Canoe Kids Volume 2: The Haida of Haida Gwaii   $22.95 Canoe Kids Volume 3: The Mi'kmaq of Newfoundland   $22.95
Caribou Skin Clothing of the Iglulik Inuit   $29.95 Centering Anishinaabeg Studies   $29.95
Chilcotin Chronicles   $26.95 Chiwid   $16.00
Cloudwalker (Hardcover)   $19.95 Contact and Conflict: Indian-European Relation in British Columbia, 1774-1890   $46.95
Copying People   $22.95 Counting Coup: Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation and Beyond (Hardcover)   $21.95
Crafts and Skills of the Native Americans: Tipis, Canoes, Jewelry, Moccasins, and More   $19.95 Direct Action Gets the Goods: A Graphic History of the Strike in Canada   $14.95
Discovery Passages   $17.95 Disinherited Generations   $24.95
Doug Knockwood, Mi'kmaw Elder: Stories, Memories, Reflections   $21.00 Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices (Hardcover)   $19.95
Earth Elder Stories   $14.95 Environmentalists from our First Nations   $10.95
Everyday Exposure: Indigenous Mobilization and Environmental Justice in Canada's Chemical Valley   $32.95 Extraordinary Canadians: Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont:A Penguin Lives Biography   $22.00
Father August Brabant   $24.95 Feathers and Fools   $11.99
Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Vol. 1 Summary   $27.95 First Nations Ceremonies   $4.95
Fort Chipewyan and the Shaping of Canadian History, 1788-1920s: We like to be free in this country   $39.95 Fort St. James and New Caledonia: Where British Columbia Began   $26.95
From Bear Rock Mountain: The Life and Times of a Dene Residential School Survivor   $30.00 From Mushkegowuk to New Orleans: A Mixed Blood Highway   $9.95
From Oral to Written: A Celebration of Indigenous Literature in Canada, 1980-2010   $29.95 From the Barren Lands: Fur Trade, First Nations and a Life in Northern Canada   $29.95
From the Tundra to the Trenches   $24.95 From Time Immemorial: The First Peoples of the Northwest Coast   $24.95
From Where I Stand: Rebuilding Indigenous Nations for a Stronger Canada   $24.95 Fur Trade Letters of Willie Traill 1864-1893   $34.95
Gabriel Dumont (The Canadians)   $8.95 Gabriel Dumont: Li Chef Michif in Images and in Words   $58.50
Giant's Dream: A Healing Journey Through Nitassinan   $19.95 He Moved A Mountain   $21.95
Historical Atlas of Canada: Revised Edition   $34.95 Histories of Kanatha: Seen and Told   $29.00
Home Truths: Highlights from BC History   $26.95 How to Build an Iglu and a Qamutiik: Inuit Tools and Techniques, Volume One   $9.95
Ilagiinniq: Interviews on Inuit Family Values   $19.95 In the Shadow of Our Ancestors   $18.95
Indian Fishing: Early Methods on the Northwest Coast, 40th Anniversary Edition   $28.95 Indian Treaties and Surrenders: Volume 2   $40.00
Indian Treaties and Surrenders: Volume 3   $40.00 Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada   $99.00
Indigenous Relations: Insights, Tips & Suggestions to Make Reconciliation a Reality   $19.95 Inuit Kinship and Naming Customs   $19.95
Inuit Modern: Masterworks from the Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection   $24.99 Joseph Brant (The Canadians Series)   $8.95
Kayas, Ochekiwi Sipi: Fisher River Before 1950   $12.95 Klee Wyck   $14.95
Kuei, My Friend: A Conversation on Race and Reconciliation   $19.95 Kwädąy Dän Ts’ìnchį: Teachings from Long Ago Person Found   $49.95
Law's Indigenous Ethics   $39.95 Learning to Fly   $9.95
Legendes De Vancouver   $19.95 Legends of Vancouver   $15.95
Little Athapapuskow: A Métis Love Story   $20.00 Living Treaties: Narrating Mi'kmaw Treaty Relations   $27.95
Looking at Totem Poles   $17.95 Looks Like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids (Hardcover)   $15.95
Louis Riel A Comic Strip Biography   $19.95 Louis Riel: Firebrand   $17.95
Medicine Paint: The Art of Dale Auger (Hardcover)   $59.95 Men of Courage from Our First Nations   $10.95
Métis Pioneers: Marie Rose Delorme Smith and Isabella Clark Hardisty Lougheed   $45.00 Mi'sel Joe: An Aboriginal Chief's Journey   $19.95
My Heroes Have Always Been Indians: A Century of Great Indigenous Albertans   $24.95 Native Rock Carvings of the Northwest Coast   $6.95
Ni'n na L'nu The Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward Island   $19.95 Nta'tugwaqanminen: Our Story: Evolution of the Gespege'wa'gi Mi'gmaq   $19.95
Oka: A Political Crisis and Its Legacy   $34.95 Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling   $16.95
Peace Pipe Dreams   $22.95 People Among the People: The Public Art of Susan Point   $50.00
Picking Up the Pieces: Residential School Memories and the Making of the Witness Blanket   $39.95 Pictographs: The Graphic Art of James Simon Mishibinijima   $24.95
Portraits of the Far North   $35.00 Portraits of the North   $29.95
Resettlement of British Columbia: Essays on Colonialism and Geographical Change   $32.95 Righting Canada's Wrongs Resource Guide   $24.95
Righting Canada's Wrongs: Africville: An African Nova Scotian Community Is Demolished - and Fights Back   $34.95 Righting Canada's Wrongs: Italian Canadian Internment in the Second World War   $34.95
Righting Canada's Wrongs: Japanese Canadian Internment in the Second World War   $34.95 Righting Canada's Wrongs: Residential Schools   $34.95
Righting Canada's Wrongs: The Chinese Head Tax   $34.95 Righting Canada's Wrongs: The Komagata Maru   $34.95
Sacred Stories: Wisdom from World Religions   $23.99 Settlement, Subsistence, and Change Among the Labrador Inuit   $27.95
Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City   $22.95 Solemn Words and Foundational Documents: An Annotated Discussion of Indigenous-Crown Treaties in Canada, 1752-1923   $37.95
Sonny Assu: A Selective History   $34.95 Sounding Thunder: The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow   $24.95
Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation   $29.95 Spirit of Powwow   $39.95
Strangers in a New Land   $49.95 Strong Hearts, Native Lands   $27.95
Symbols of Canada   $37.95 Taking Back Our Spirits: Indigenous Literature, Public Policy, and Healing   $27.95
Talking Back to the Indian Act: Critical Readings in Settler Colonial Histories   $29.95 The Arctic Journals of John Rae   $19.95
The Beothuk   $12.95 The Beothuk of Newfoundland A Vanished People   $14.95
The Chilcotin War   $9.95 The Clean Place: Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Roots of Turtle Island   $31.00
The Debwe Series: The Gift is in the Making: Anishinaabeg Stories   $22.00 The Education of Augie Merasty: A Residential School Memoir   $21.95
The Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture Story   $24.95 The Fall of New France: How the French Lost a North American Empire 1754 to 1763   $18.95
The Fur Trade in Canada: An Illustrated History   $24.95 The Good Hope Cannery: Life and Death at a Salmon Cannery   $26.95
The Great Chiefs: Volume 1   $14.95 The Great Chiefs: Volume 2   $14.95
The Hidden Journals: Captain Vancouver and His Mapmaker   $21.95 The Land We Are: Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation   $24.95
The Language of Family: Stories of Bonds and Belonging   $27.95 The Man Who Lived with a Giant: Stories from Johnny Neyelle, Dene Elder   $24.99
The Nature of Canada   $29.95 The Pemmican Eaters   $18.95
The Potawatomi: Our History, Our Story, Our Future   $24.95 The Right to Be Cold: One Woman's Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet   $22.00
The Sleeping Giant Awakens: Genocide, Indian Residential Schools, and the Challenge of Conciliation   $24.95 The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: Bill Reid's Masterpiece   $15.95
The Story of the Blackfoot People: Nitsitapiisinni   $19.95 The Treaties of Canada Indians of Manitoba   $19.95
The Truth About Stories: A Native Narrative   $19.95 There’s Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities   $25.00
These Mountains are Our Sacred Places: The Story of the Stoney People   $18.95 They Call Me Chief: Warriors on Ice   $27.95
Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Native Elders   $24.95 Tipiskawi Kisik: Night Sky Star Stories   $9.95
Tom Longboat (The Canadians Series)   $8.95 Tom Longboat Running Against the Wind   $14.95
Trail of the Spirit: The Mysteries of Medicine Power Revealed   $24.95 Tse-loh-ne (The People at the End of the Rocks): Journey Down the Davie Trail   $22.95
Tukiliit: An Introduction to Inuksuit and Other Stone Figures of the North   $22.95 Turtle Island: The Story of North America's First People   $16.95
Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry   $24.95 Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call   $29.95
Urban Tribes: Native Americans in the City   $14.95 Voices from the Skeena: An Illustrated Oral History   $29.95
Walking in the Woods: A Métis Journey   $22.00 We Are All Treaty People: Prairie Essays   $26.95
We Are Puget Sound: Reclaiming a Wilder Salish Sea   $41.95 Weasel Tail: Stories told by Joe Crowshoe Sr. (Aapohsoy yiis), a Peigan Blackfoot Elder   $32.95
Weenipeeg   $9.95 Wisdom of the Elders: Who is an Elder?   $4.95
Women of Brave Mettle: More Stories from the Cariboo Chilcotin   $26.95 Words Have a Past: The English Language, Colonialism, and the Newspapers of Indian Boarding Schools   $26.95
Wrestling with Colonialism on Steroids: Quebec Inuit Fight for their Homeland   $15.95  
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