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Mouse Celebrates the Winter Solstice - ON SALE   $7.48 Nunavummi Reading Series: Saila & Betty - ON SALE   $5.56
1234 First Nations Explore   $19.99 A Big Mistake?   $9.95
A Boy Called Slow   $8.50 A Caribou Alphabet   $11.95
A Coyote Columbus Story   $9.95 A Day With Yayah   $19.95
A is for Aboriginal (Hardcover)   $24.95 A Journey through the Circle of Life   $10.95
A Journey to the Mother of the Sea   $16.95 A Little Boy Catches a Whale   $7.95
A Man Called Raven   $14.95 A Moose in a Maple Tree: The All Canadian 12 Days of Christmas   $19.95
A Night at Hideaway Cove (Hardcover)   $21.95 A Night at Hideaway Cove (Paperback)   $12.95
A Pod of Orcas   $9.95 A Promise Is A Promise   $7.95
A Promise Is a Promise: 30th Anniversary Edition   $7.95 A Puppy Is for Loving   $6.95
A Salmon for Simon   $6.95 A Salmon's Sky View   $16.95
A Sled Dog for Moshi   $9.95 A Symphony Of Whales   $11.99
A Walk on the Shoreline   $16.95 A Walk on the Tundra (Hardcover)   $10.95
A West Coast Summer   $19.95 A World of Kindness   $19.95
Akilak's Adventure   $10.95 Alego (Hardcover)   $17.95
Alis the Aviator   $21.99 An Aboriginal Carol (Hardcover)   $24.95
Ancient Thunder   $9.95 Anguti's Amulet   $14.95
Animals of the Salish Sea (Hardcover)   $15.00 Arctic Stories   $7.95
At the Mountain's Base   $23.99 Ava and the Little Folk (Hardcover)   $13.95
Awâsis and the World-Famous Bannock   $19.95 B is for Basketball (Hardcover)   $12.99
Baby Rattlesnake   $15.95 Baseball Bats for Christmas   $12.95
Bear for Breakfast   $7.99 Bear for Breakfast / Makwa kidji kijeba wisiniyan   $7.99
Beaver Steals Fire: A Salish Coyote Story   $22.50 Berry Magic   $16.95
Berry Picking in the Fall (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95 Big Bear Hug   $8.95
Birdsong   $22.95 Blackflies   $7.99
Blueberry Patch / Mayabeekamneeboon   $19.95 Boog the Bug   $10.95
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find   $12.99 Bucket Filling From A to Z: The Key to Being Happy   $14.95
Buffalo   $8.95 Buffalo Bird Girl: A Hidatsa Story (Hardcover)   $27.95
Buffalo Dreams   $16.95 But What If?: A book about feeling worried (Hardcover)   $18.99
But Why Can’t I?: A book about rules (Hardcover)   $18.99 By Day, By Night   $16.95
Byron Through the Seasons   $10.95 Call of the Fiddle   $15.00
Canadian Jingle Bells (Hardcover)   $19.95 Caribou Song (Hardcover)   $14.95
Carry Me   $10.95 Cedric the Cedar   $16.95
Chester Bear, Where Are You?   $10.95 Cheyenne Again   $11.99
Chickadee Trust   $10.95 Children of the Yukon   $14.99
Chuck in the City   $10.95 Community Soup   $11.95
Coyote and the Sky: How the Sun, Moon, and Stars Began (Hardcover)   $29.95 Coyote Christmas: A Lakota Story (Hardcover)   $22.95
Coyotes in the Crosswalk: Canadian Wildlife in the City   $12.95 Crazy Horse's Vision   $16.95
Crow And Weasel   $17.50 Dancing in My Bones   $15.00
Dancing with the Cranes   $12.95 Dawn Flight: A Lakota Story   $16.99
Dipnetting With Dad   $19.95 Dolphin SOS   $17.95
Dragonfly Kites (Hardcover)   $14.95 Dragonfly's Tale   $9.95
Dream On! A Book About Possibilities   $14.99 Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building   $28.95
Eagle Feather, An Honour   $8.95 Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull   $16.95
Emma's Gift   $16.00 Encounter (Luby)   $21.99
Encounter (Yolen)   $11.50 Everybody Needs A Rock   $9.99
Explore the Rocky Shore with Sam and Crystal   $22.95 Explore the Wild Coast with Sam and Crystal   $22.95
F Is for Feelings   $17.99 Families   $10.95
Feathers and Fools   $11.99 Fiddle Dancer   $15.00
First Laugh — Welcome, Baby!   $19.99 Fishing with Grandma   $10.95
Five Santas: Cree (Neyanan Meno Kesanewak)   $4.95 Five Santas: Ojibwe (Naanan Miskogawanawe Miigiwewininiwag)   $4.95
Fly Fly   $19.95 Four Winds   $16.95
Fox's Garden   $22.50 Fraser Bear   $14.95
Frog Girl   $11.95 From the Lands of the Night   $19.95
From There to Here   $18.95 Fry Bread: A Native American Family Tradition   $25.99
Gaawin Gindaaswin Ndaawsii / I Am Not A Number   $14.95 Getting Dressed (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95
Ghost's Journey: A Refugee Story   $21.99 Gift Horse: A Lakota Story (Hardcover)   $22.95
Girls Dance, Boys Fiddle   $10.95 Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message   $14.95
Glooscap, the Beavers and the Sugarloaf Mountain   $8.95 Goodnight World (HC) (Hardcover)   $16.95
Goose Girl   $10.95 Grandmother Ptarmigan (Hardcover)   $13.95
Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun: A Cherokee Story   $9.95 Grandmother's Dreamcatcher   $10.99
Grandmother's Visit   $17.95 Grandpa's Girls (Hardcover)   $18.95
Granny's Clan: A Tale of Wild Orcas   $13.95 Have You Filled a Bucket Today?   $14.95
Hawk, I'm Your Brother   $11.99 Helpers in My Community (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95
Hiawatha and the Peacemaker   $24.95 Hidden Buffalo   $11.95
Hide and Sneak   $7.95 Hideaway Cove (Hardcover)   $21.95
Hideaway Cove (Paperback)   $12.95 Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend   $14.95
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes   $8.50 How Nivi Got Her Names   $10.95
How Raven Stole the Sun (Tales of the People) (Hardcover)   $20.95 How the Cougar Came to be Called the Ghost Cat   $12.95
How the Fox Got His Crossed Legs (Hardcover)   $22.95 How the Stars Fell Into the Sky: A Navajo Legend   $11.99
How Things Came to Be: Inuit Stories of Creation (PB) (Hardcover)   $12.95 How We Saw the World: Nine Native Stories of the Way Things Began   $9.99
Hurry Up, Ilua!   $10.95 I Am Canada: A Celebration   $19.99
I Am Eating (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95 I Am Not a Number   $18.95
I Am Raven: A Story of Discovery (Hardcover)   $19.95 I Can't Have Bannock But The Beaver Has A Dam   $12.00
I Didn't Do It!: A book about telling the truth (Hardcover)   $18.95 I Don't Want to Be Nice!: A book about showing kindness   $18.95
I Hate Everything!: A book about feeling angry (Hardcover)   $18.99 I Help/Niwechihaw (Hardcover)   $12.95
I Know Here   $16.95 I Know I Am Precious and Sacred   $12.00
I Like Being Me: Poems About Kindness, Friendship, and Making Good Choices   $14.99 I Like Who I Am   $12.95
I Want to be in The Show   $10.95 I Want to Win!: A book about being a good sport   $18.95
I'm In Charge Of Celebrations   $9.99 I’m Not Happy: A book about feeling sad (Hardcover)   $18.99
If You Find a Rock   $11.50 If You Lived with the Iroquois   $9.99
If You're Not from the Prairie...   $19.95 Immi's Gift (Hardcover)   $10.95
In My Anaana's Amautik   $16.95 In the Sky at Nighttime   $16.95
Island in the Salish Sea   $19.95 It's Time for Bed   $16.95
Jason and the Sea Otter (Hardcover)   $12.95 Jason's New Dugout Canoe (Hardcover)   $18.95
Jenneli's Dance   $12.95 Jimmy Tames Horses   $15.00
Jingle Dancer (Hardcover)   $21.99 Juliana's Bananas: Where Do Your Bananas Come From?   $14.95
Just a Walk   $10.95 Kamik An Inuit Puppy Story   $10.95
Kamik Joins the Pack   $10.95 Kamik's First Sled   $10.95
Kaugjagjuk (Hardcover)   $13.95 Kiki's Journey (Hardcover)   $19.95
kimotinâniwiw itwêwina / Stolen Words   $14.95 Kisimi Taimaippaktut Angirrarijarani / Only in My Hometown   $18.95
Kiss by Kiss / Ocêtôwina: A Counting Book for Families   $9.95 Kiviuq and the Bee Woman   $16.95
Kiviuq and the Mermaids   $16.95 Lacey and the African Grandmothers   $14.95
Lasso the Wind: Aurelia's Verses and other Poems (Hardcover)   $24.95 Le mocassin / The Moccasin / Ma’g’sn   $22.95
Leonard the Larch   $16.95 Lesson for the Wolf   $16.95
Lessons From Mother Earth   $9.95 Light a Candle / Tumaini pasipo na Tumaini   $19.95
Lila and the Crow   $21.95 Little Bear's Vision Quest   $15.00
Little Chief and The Gifts of Morning Star (Hardcover)   $21.95 Little You / Kîya-K’apisîsisîyân   $6.95
Long Powwow Nights (Hardcover)   $24.95 Look Where We Live!: A First Book of Community Building   $16.95
Loon Rock: Pkwimu Wkuntem   $9.95 Mama, Do You Love Me? (PB)   $10.99
Mamaqtuq!   $16.95 Manny's Memories   $15.00
Maple Moon   $9.95 Meshom and the Little One   $10.95
Métis Camp Circle: A Bison Culture Way of Life   $15.00 Métis Christmas Mittens   $15.00
Mia and the Monsters: Staying Warm in the Winter (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95 Minegoo Mniku: the Mi'Kmaq Creation Story of Prince Edward Island   $13.95
Moe & Malaya Visit the Nurse   $14.95 Morning On The Lake   $7.95
Mother Raven Nursery Rhymes   $8.50 Music from the Sky   $9.95
Mwakwa Talks to the Loon: A Cree Story for Children   $12.95 My Beautiful Birds   $19.95
My Body Belongs to Me   $18.99 My Family (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95
My Favorite Places from A to Z (Hardcover)   $18.45 My Heart Fills with Happiness   $9.95
My Heart Fills With Happiness / Ni Sâkaskineh Mîyawâten Niteh Ohcih   $6.95 Neekah's Knitting Needles   $21.95
Neekna and Chemai   $13.95 Nibi's Water Song   $19.99
Nimoshom and His Bus   $18.95 Ningwakwe's ABC Book   $24.95
nipehon / I Wait   $18.95 Nokum Is My Teacher (PB)   $16.95
Nootka Sound In Harmony: Aboriginal Connections   $14.95 Northern Lights: The Soccer Trails   $16.95
Not Fair, Won't Share: A book about sharing (Hardcover)   $18.99 Not My Girl   $9.95
Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series Big Book: Sometimes I Feel Jealous   $24.95 Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series Big Book: Sometimes I Feel Sad   $24.95
Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Being a Friend   $7.95 Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: How I Am Feeling   $7.95
Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Sometimes I Feel Bored   $8.95 Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Sometimes I Feel Frustrated   $8.95
Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Sometimes I Feel Jealous   $7.95 Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Sometimes I Feel Left Out   $8.95
Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Sometimes I Feel Scared   $8.95 Nunavummi Emotional Literacy Series: Taqu Learns to Listen   $10.95
Nunavummi Reading Series Big Book: On the Shoulder of a Giant   $23.95 Nunavummi Reading Series Big Book: Out on the Ice   $23.95
Nunavummi Reading Series Big Book: Ten in a Tent   $23.95 Nunavummi Reading Series Big Book: The Orphan and the Polar Bear   $23.95
Nunavummi Reading Series Big Book: The Owl and the Lemming   $24.95 Nunavummi Reading Series Big Book: The Raven and the Loon   $24.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Being a Good Friend   $16.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Celebrating Toonik Tyme   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Food I Like to Eat   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Going Fishing   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Going on the Land   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Grandma, How Do You Light the Qulliq?   $8.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Grandma, What's an Ulu For?   $8.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Grandpa, How Do I Build an Iglu?   $10.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Helping My Grandfather   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: How Many Animals Did We See?   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: How We Use Water   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Inside and Outside   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Inukpak and His Son   $16.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Jobs in My Family   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: My Day   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: My Little Brother   $6.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Nanuq Learns to Share   $8.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Nilak Plays in the Snow   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: On the Arctic Shoreline   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: On the Tundra   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: People in My Family   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Siku & Kamik Are Hungry   $8.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Siku & Kamik Like to Play   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Siku and Kamik Go to School   $6.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Siku's New Friend   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Ten in a Tent   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: The Amautalik and the Orphan   $8.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: The Happy Mosquito   $6.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: The Sled Dog   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Things I Did Today   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: TJ's New Friend   $12.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Ukaliq and Kalla Go Camping   $6.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Ukaliq and Kalla Go Sliding   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Ukaliq and Kalla Go to the City   $6.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Ukaliq and Kalla Help Out   $10.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: Viivi's New Kamiks   $6.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: What Am I?   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: What I Do at Home   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: What I Have   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: What I Wear Inside   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: What I Wear Outside in the Winter   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: What Is It Like Outside?   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: What Was It Like Then?   $10.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: What We Do in Our Community   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: What We Like to Do   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: What We Need for Our Trip   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: What We See   $7.95 Nunavummi Reading Series: What We See on the Land   $7.95
Nunavummi Reading Series: Where We Walk   $7.95 O Is for Orca: An Alphabet Book   $11.99
Ojibway Animals   $10.00 Ojibway Clans (Hardcover)   $12.00
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth (Hardcover)   $22.99 On a Summer's Day (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95
On My Walk   $6.95 On the Shoulder of a Giant   $16.95
Over in the Arctic: Where the Cold Winds Blow   $11.95 Peace Dancer   $19.95
Peace Walker: The Legend of Hiawatha and Tekanawita (Hardcover)   $9.99 Pīsim Finds Her Miskanow (Hardcover)   $29.00
Powwow Counting in Cree (Hardcover)   $17.95 Powwow Summer: A Family Celebrates the Circle of Life   $10.95
Powwow's Coming (Hardcover)   $29.95 Putuguq & Kublu   $5.95
Putuguq and Kublu and the Qalupalik   $6.95 Rabbit's Snow Dance (Hardcover)   $23.99
Raven And Eagle   $9.95 Raven Brings the Light (Hardcover)   $19.95
Raven Series Complete Set   $119.70 Raven Series: I Spy Raven (Big Book)   $19.95
Raven Series: Mini Raven Series Set   $21.95 Raven Series: Raven and Duck (Big Book)   $19.95
Raven Series: Raven and Frog Count (Big Book)   $19.95 Raven Series: Raven and the Box (Big Book)   $19.95
Raven Series: Raven Makes a Necklace (Big Book)   $19.95 Raven Series: Raven Sings the ABC's (Big Book)   $19.95
Raven Visits Victoria   $12.00 Raven's Feast   $16.99
Roogaroo Mickey   $15.00 Rosie the Raven   $12.95
Salmon Creek   $14.95 Seal Song   $19.95
Secret of the Dance   $10.95 Shaman's Nephew   $12.95
Sharing Our World: Animals of the Native Northwest Coast (Hardcover) (Hardcover)   $16.95 Shelterwood   $10.95
Shi-shi-etko (Hardcover)   $18.95 Shin-chi's Canoe (Hardcover)   $18.95
Simonie and the Dance Contest   $10.95 Siuluk: The Last Tuniq   $10.95
SkySisters   $8.95 Smelly Socks   $7.99
Solomon's Tree   $10.95 Something from Nothing   $7.99
Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox   $9.95 Song on the Wind   $18.95
Spider Spins a Story: Fourteen Legends from Native America   $10.95 Spirit Bear and Children Make History: Based on a True Story   $15.00
Spirit Bear: Fishing for Knowledge, Catching Dreams: Based on a True Story   $15.00 Spirits, Fairies and Merpeople (Hardcover)   $21.99
Springtime with the Polar Bears (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95 Stolen Words   $17.95
Stop Reading This Book!   $14.95 Stories of the Amautalik: Fantastic Beings from Inuit Myths and Legends   $14.95
Storm Boy   $9.95 Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves   $14.99
Sukaq and the Raven   $16.95 Sweetest Kulu (PB)   $10.95
T Is For Territories: A Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut Alphabet (Hardcover)   $22.95 Taan's Moons: A Haida Moon Story   $19.99
Takannaaluk   $16.95 Take a Deep Breath: A book about being brave (Hardcover)   $18.95
Talking With Mother Earth (Hardcover)   $17.95 The ABC's of our Spiritual Connection   $19.99
The Bear's Long Tail: A Tale Retold   $10.95 The Bear's Medicine / Sus Yoo   $19.95
The Busy Beaver   $8.95 The Canoe He Called Loo Taas (Hardcover)   $12.99
The Caterpillar Woman   $16.95 The Cloud Artist: A Choctaw Tale   $23.95
The Crying Christmas Tree   $10.95 The Diamond Willow Walking Stick   $15.00
The Eagle Inside   $15.99 The Eagle's Path   $10.95
The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet   $10.99 The Elders Are Watching (Hardcover)   $19.95
The Final Game   $9.95 The First Strawberries   $8.50
The Fox Wife   $16.95 The Funeral   $18.95
The Gathering   $22.95 The Giant Bear (Inuktitut Version)   $13.95
The Giant Bear: An Inuit Folktale (Hardcover)   $13.95 The Girl and the Wolf   $19.95
The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Metis Story   $15.00 The Huron Carol (Hardcover)   $14.95
The Journal of Etienne Mercier   $19.95 The Journey of Dog Salmon   $9.95
The Lamp, the Ice, and the Boat Called Fish   $8.95 The Legend of the Caribou Boy   $19.95
The Legend of the Fog (Hardcover)   $10.95 The Legend of the Ladyslipper   $10.99
The Little Hummingbird (Hardcover)   $18.95 The Littlest Sled Dog   $10.95
The Mighty Glooscap Transforms Animals and Landscape   $8.95 The Moccasin Goalie   $14.00
The Moose of Ewenki   $26.95 The Night Before a Canadian Christmas (Hardcover)   $19.95
The Old Man with the Otter Medicine   $19.95 The Orange Shirt Story   $19.99
The Origin of Day and Night   $16.95 The Owl and the Lemming   $16.95
The Owl and the Two Rabbits   $16.95 The Pencil   $16.95
The People of the Sea   $10.95 The People Shall Continue   $14.95
The Promise   $11.99 The Qalupalik (Hardcover)   $12.95
The Rabbit's Race (Hardcover)   $18.95 The Raven and the Loon (Hardcover)   $16.95
The Salmon Run   $9.95 The Sharing Circle (Larsen-Jonasson)   $16.99
The Sharing Circle (Meuse)   $13.95 The Six Cedar Trees   $9.95
The Snow Leopard   $9.99 The Song Within My Heart (PB)   $16.95
The Specific Ocean   $18.95 The Spirit Trackers   $18.95
The Star People (Hardcover)   $22.95 The Sweetest Kulu (HC) (Hardcover)   $16.95
The Table Where Rich People Sit   $7.99 The Two Sisters   $19.95
The Very Brave Bear   $4.99 The Very Cranky Bear (Hardcover)   $14.99
The Very Itchy Bear   $4.99 The Voyage of Wood Duck: Ta'n Teli Kaqasimiliala'sis Malsikws   $10.76
The Way to Start a Day   $9.99 The Wildlife ABC: A Nature Alphabet Book   $7.95
The Wish Wind   $7.95 There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea   $20.95
Thirteen Moons On Turtle's Back: A Native American Year Of Moons   $9.50 This Is My Body (English/Inuktitut)   $13.95
This Land is My Land   $16.95 Those That Cause Fear   $16.95
Three Tall Trees   $7.95 Through Grandma & Granddad's Binoculars   $12.95
Thunder Boy Jr.   $23.49 Tiktala   $9.95
Totem Tale: A Tall Story From Alaska   $11.99 Tree Song (Hardcover)   $19.95
Trudy's Rock Story   $16.99 Tuktu's Journey   $16.95
Turn on the Night   $18.95 Turtle's Race With Beaver   $9.50
Two Pairs Of Shoes   $12.95 Two White Rabbits   $18.95
Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing   $16.95 Una Huna? What Is This?   $16.95
Up the Creek   $16.95 Very Last First Time (Hardcover)   $18.95
Walk on the Wild Side   $16.95 Warren Whistles at the Sky   $12.95
Way Up in the Arctic   $20.95 We Sang You Home   $9.95
We Sang You Home / Ka Kîweh Nikamôstamâtinân   $6.95 Welcome Family and Friends to Our Bighouse   $21.95
Welcome Song for Baby / Ni Nikamon ‘Tawâw Nipepîmis’   $6.95 Wendy the Whitebark Pine   $16.95
What's My Superpower?   $16.95 What's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses?   $15.95
When I Was Eight   $9.95 When The Spirits Dance   $16.95
When We Were Alone   $19.95 When You're Scared   $19.95
Where Did You Get Your Moccasins?   $12.00 Which Way Should I Go? (Hardcover)   $10.95
Who Feels Scared?: A book about being afraid (Hardcover)   $18.99 Wild Eggs   $11.95
Will You Fill My Bucket?   $14.95 Wisahkecahk Flies to the Moon   $10.95
Wolverine and Little Thunder: An Eel Fishing Story / Ki'kwa'ju Kaqtukowjik: A'tukwaqn wijt Amkwesewey Kwitn   $22.95 Yamozha and His Beaver Wife (Hardcover)   $25.95
Yetsa's Sweater   $9.95 You Hold Me Up   $19.95
You Hold Me Up / Ki Kîhcêyimin Mâna   $19.95 Zach Stands Up   $18.99
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